Netanyahu’s Planned Release of Palestinian Murderers Hits A Small Snag

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Friday, April 18 2014:

**The Western media is all a-twitter over Hassan Rouhani’s latest “moderate statements” at Iran’s National Army Day today.

Rouhani speaking in Tehran today (photo: Reuters).

Rouhani speaking in Tehran today (photo: Reuters).

Rouhani, the darling of everyone from Barack Obama to the European Union, told the cheering crowd that “During the talks, we announced to the world and we say so again … we are not after war, we are after logic, we are after talks.”

By the way, these remarks came just after missile carriers and launchers passed Rouhani in review, festooned with banners that read “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and crowded with soldiers chanting “Allahu Akbar”–“God is Great”.

But never mind, the U.S. State Department announced today that the U.S. is now releasing a $450 million dollar installment of frozen funds to Tehran. Marie Harf, State Department Spokeswoman, dissembled that the money is being released because “all sides have kept the commitments made.”

. . . and the centrifuges keep on spinning . . . as ever greater quantities of uranium are refined. The mendacious delusions of the West know no depth.

**The PLO/PA continues to pour forth with “peace” overtures to Israelis. Yesterday, it was PLO official Mahmoud Khalifa’s turn to show how serious the Palestinians are about returning to the laughingly called “negotiating” table:

” . . . the occupation is the problem, and causes thousands of barbaric massacres, resulting in hundreds of thousands of martyrs, wounded and prisoners, all because they refuse to accede to the policy of the occupiers. It is a fantasy to think that we Palestinians will ever recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

Thousands of barbaric massacres? Hundreds of thousands of martyrs? The mendacious delusions of the Palestinians know no bounds. 

**One of the Palestinian terrorist murderers who was recently released was in the news today complaining about the brutality of the Israeli prison system–brutal because it would not provide him with special albums in which to put his stamp collection.

Yes you heard that correctly.

Issa Abed Rabbo, a cold blooded murderer, is upset because of the restrictions placed on his hobby by Israeli authorities. This is the same Rabbo who gave an interview last month to official PLO/PA TV  talking about he slaughtered Israeli university students 23-year-old Ron Levi and 22-year-old Avital Seri as they sat in a forest near Jerusalem back in October 1984:

“I tied them up of course and then sentenced them to death by shooting, in the name of the revolution. I shot them, one bullet each . . . I went to my aunt and told her ‘We have avenged Mohammed’s blood.’ I told her, ‘Instead of one, we got two.’ She cried out in joy.” 

No album for his stamp collection.  Unbelievable.

By the way, here is a picture of the murderer Rabbo just after his release, with arms upraised beside Mahmoud Abbas, Israel’s self-proclaimed and internationally embraced “partner for peace”:

That's Rabbo on the far right--two away from the grayhaired Abbas.

That’s Rabbo on the far right–two away from the grayhaired Abbas.


The inner workings of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 23-person cabinet normally take place out of the public eye, but today we have had a fascinating glimpse of the debate concerning the fourth and final proposed release of Palestinian murderers.

You will recall that the first three releases of murderers sailed through the Cabinet with barely a voice in protest other than that of Naftali Bennett and his two fellow cabinet ministers in the Jewish Home party.

The deal on the table yesterday was that Israel would release the Palestinian murderers–which include 6 Israeli-Arab murderers–and that the U.S. would commute the life sentence of Jonathan Pollard. Apparently, the Palestinians would only have to agree to continue “talking”. 

So the vote was taken.

Voting for the deal were Netanyahu and 7 fellow Ministers from Likud, 5 ministers from Yesh Atid, 2 from Hatnua, and 2 from Yisrael Beteinu.

Voting against the deal were 3 from Yisrael Beiteinu and 3 from Jewish Home.

As you can see, the vote was 17-6.

The only problem is that Netanyahu needs 18 to get something passed by the cabinet, and it turns out that the problematic 18th vote that Netanyahu expected to get and didn’t belonged to the Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovich of Yisrael Beiteinu. 

Aharanovich suddenly developed some spine and informed all that he would not vote for the release of the murderers unless Mahmoud Abbas publicly–and in “fierce Arabic”–condemned the murder this week of Baruch Mizrahi: “If Abu Mazen [Abbas] does not condemn the attack fiercely in Arabic, there is no point in continuing the talks.”

And so the matter stands this evening. Undoubtedly, Netanyahu will be able to persuade Aharanovich or someone else to change his or her mind, but it is somewhat comforting to know that the murderer release process is not proceeding as smoothly as Netanyahu planned. 









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