Israel Delegitimizing Israel With Political Correctness

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Sunday, April 20 2014:

*For at least the 10th time in the last 10 years (approximately once every year since Yasser Arafat’s death), Mahmoud Abbas has threatened this morning to resign and to disband the Palestinian Authority–the faux political organization that serves as a front for the PLO. 

One enterprising Israeli journalist this morning pieced together the last six of these threats before today’s, and their accompanying headlines in the Israeli press:

June 14, 2007: “Abbas To Dissolve Palestinian Government”

June 30, 2008: “Abbas Vows To Dismantle PA If Israel Frees Hamas Prisoners For Schalit”

September 21, 2008: “Abbas Threatens To Dismantle the PA If Peace Is Not Reached in Current Negotiations”

November 9, 2009: “Abbas Resignation Threat Puts PA In Jeopardy”

December 5, 2010: “Abbas Threatens To Dissolve the PA”

December 27, 2012: “Abbas: If Stalemate Continues After Elections, Netanyahu Can Take Back The Keys To The West Bank”

This time Abbas says that if Israel does not release the the last 26 murderers that were scheduled to be released, then Israel can take full control of Judea and Samaria.

Naftali Bennett was quick to respond saying:

Give away Judea and Samaria, otherwise Abbas will go home? You know what? Let him go home.” 


This picture from Samaria that appeared on a Palestinian site on Friday shows Israeli forces stymied by "rocks" and burning tires--and hamstrung by political correctness.

This picture from Samaria that appeared on a Palestinian site on Friday shows Israeli forces stymied by “rocks” and burning tires–and hamstrung by political correctness.

The ludicrous desire to be politically correct and not incur international opprobrium is gradually rendering the Israel Police Force, Border Guards, and Israel Defense Forces completely impotent. More than this, it is an impotence that is leading to the gradual ceding of Israeli sovereignty over land and religious sites.

We have seen two perfect examples of this in the last 24 hours.

At Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, a group of around ten Palestinian terrorists brazenly surrounded an IDF pillbox guard position yesterday morning.  They proceeded to throw IEDs and Molotov cocktails at the outpost, and succeeded in setting the IDF position on fire.

All under the watchful eye of the IDF.

That’s correct. Despite the fact that IDF soldiers saw Palestinian terrorists setting fire to an IDF position, they refused to shoot for fear of violating IDF regulations regarding “lethal fire” (in fact, if they had shot, they probably would have been hauled by the IDF General Command in front of a military court martial).

Eventually, as smoke billowed from the guard tower, another contingent of IDF forces showed up and and used tear gas to disperse the terrorists.

Meanwhile, the riots continue on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as the Hamas members continue their brazen takeover of the Al-Aksa Mosque–a takeover that has “forced” the Jerusalem Police to close the Temple Mount to Jews and even to stop Jewish children in the Plaza below from singing religious songs.

The complete impotence of the Jerusalem Police and Border Guards is now on daily display as they approach the Mosque several times a day only to be repelled by the Hamas terrorists inside who have festooned Al-Aksa with Hamas flags.

One of many Hamas flags flying from the ramparts of the Al-Aksa Mosque at this moment.

One of many Hamas flags flying from the ramparts of the Al-Aksa Mosque at this moment.

Hamas flags that are flying over an area that is sovereign Israeli land.

Incidents like that at Rachel’s Tomb and the ongoing riots on the Temple Mount are emboldening Palestinians and Arabs everywhere. This past week even saw the Israeli flag lowered and the Palestinian flag raised over the port of Yaffo in Tel Aviv. This past summer, your humble servant was shocked to see the Palestinian flag flying in the heart of a number of Israeli-Arab towns such as Sakhnin.

By doing nothing to combat the kind of Palestinian terror we have seen today at Rachel’s Tomb and on the Temple Mount, Israel is further delegitimizing itself. And the irony of it all is that the more Israel delegitimizes itself, the more Israel is reviled in the international community that it is trying so hard to woo.  


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