The Utter Fiasco on the Temple Mount Comes To An End

UPDATES 6:30 pm Israel time, Tuesday, April 22 2014:

*In the wake of its latest missile attacks against southern Israel, Hamas trotted out this morning its usual ridiculous statement after it attacks Israel: “We have no interest in escalating the situation.”

It is a statement that invariably evokes a sign of relief in the IDF General Staff.

In fact, the General Staff position was best illustrated today by a comment from Maj. Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan: “At the moment the rocket fire from Gaza does not harm us. If we have to fight in Gaza, we will have to pray a price.”

Does not harm us? Do Dayan and the General Command really think that the daily and nightly rocket fire from Gaza that has gone on for more than a decade does not have a disastrous traumatic impact on the Israelis living on the Gaza border?

The simple fact is that the IDF remains afraid to fully take on Hamas and hence does nothing in response to the attacks except bomb livestock, empty buildings, and empty fields in Gaza. One picture that was posted yesterday by Hamas shows a group of dead sheep that were killed by an IAF strike Monday night:


Instead of targeting sheep, the IAF should be targeting terrorists.

Instead of targeting sheep, the IAF should be targeting terrorists.


Because of the utter impotence of the Jerusalem Police, Hamas has scored a major victory on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Lest anyone forget--including the Jerusalem Police and the Jordanian government--the Al-Aksa Mosque is on sovereign Israeli territory.

Lest anyone forget–including the Jerusalem Police and the Jordanian government–the Al-Aksa Mosque is on sovereign Israeli territory. It is long past time for the state of Israel to begin acting like it.

By having a small group of 20 terrorists take over the Al-Aksa Mosque nine days ago at the beginning of the Passover holiday and engage in daily “rock” throwing against the craven Police on the Mount outside the mosque, Hamas effectively closed down the Temple Mount to all Jews during Passover.

Now that all Passover celebrations ended yesterday, the 20 terrorists slipped out of the Mosque this morning with complete impunity–and the Temple Mount was opened to Jews once again.

But not before the 20 terrorists had become a cause celebre around the Arab world.

We even had the absurd spectacle of the Israeli Ambassador to Jordan being called on the carpet in Amman yesterday. If you can believe this, dear reader, the Jordanians actually lodged a protest over the mistreatment of the Hamas members holed up in Al-Aksa and the “violence” being “perpetrated against” the employees of the Islamic Wakf on the Temple Mount. The Jordanians even went so far as to accuse Israel of violating the terms of the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty.

Such is the fruit of the Jerusalem Police being “politically correct”.

From the moment that the terrorists entered the Mosque, the Jerusalem Police should have gone in after them.  If entering the Al-Aksa will have “political repercussions”, then so be it. If Hamas is intent on using a religious site as a terrorist base, then it should pay the price–not Jews who want to go to their holiest site to pray on the Passover holiday.

The actions of the Jerusalem Police during this latest episode on the Temple Mount have been nothing less than an utter fiasco and an embarrassment to the nation of Israel. 







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