Abbas and the PLO: No Compromises, Total Rejection, and More Threats

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Saturday, April 26 2014:

*The organization laughingly named “Human Rights Watch” has declared that Israel is committing war crimes by shooting at Palestinian terrorists from Gaza as they attempt to plant IEDs along the border and breach the Gaza border fence to attack Israelis in the border communities. According to HRW Middle East Director Sarah Whitson: “Month after month, Israeli forces are killing and wounding unarmed Palestinians who did nothing, because they crossed an invisible line.”

*Iran has jumped on the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation bandwagon this morning with these words of praise: “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the reconciliation between the Palestinian organizations against the occupying Zionist regime – the first step in the liberation of the Palestinian territories from Israeli occupation.”


Me a terrorist? All I want is . . .  (picture: Reuters).

Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah yesterday. Me a terrorist? All I want is . . . (picture: Reuters).

Another installment in the Palestinian theater of the absurd took place in Ramallah today as Mahmoud Abbas, the Chairman of the PLO and self-elected President of the Palestinian Authority, addressed a meeting of senior officials of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

He began his rant with the Orwellian statement that just because the PLO had agreed to a unity government with Hamas, that did not mean that Hamas would become a full partner in the Palestinian government. In particular, he ludicrously dissembled that Hamas would not be part of future talks with Israel.

Then, following up on the Palestinian application to 15 different international organizations and the new reconciliation with Hamas, Abbas declared that he was ready to restart “peace” talks with Israel immediately. 

Well not quite.

First,  he said that Israel must release 30 more Palestinian murderers (where the 30 number comes from is anyone’s guess–but it includes specific Israeli-Arab murderers).

Second, he said that Israel must agree that every Palestinian murderer and every Israeli-Arab murderer be allowed to return “home”. In particular, no Israeli-Arab murderer may be deported or have his Israeli citizenship revoked.

Third, he said that Israel must freeze all construction in Jewish communities everywhere.

Fourth, he said that Israel must agree to draw a map of the new “Palestine” during the next three months.

Fifth, he said that Israel must recognize that the Palestinians “will never agree to recognize a Jewish state.”

Abbas topped off this litany by warning that the Palestinians are on the verge of seeking membership in 63 more international organizations and by absurdly noting that the PLO may still dissolve the Palestinian Authority completely and dump responsibility for the Palestinian “autonomous areas” (Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria) on Israel.

All in all, the speech was vintage Abbas and vintage Palestinian with no compromises, total rejection, and more threats. It was just the kind of speech that endears Abbas and the Palestinians to all of their friends throughout the world.

As for Hamas, it had no trouble understanding the import of Abbas’ speech. As one Hamas leader (Bassem Naim) declared:  “We can only support its positions on Jerusalem, reconciliation and non-recognition of the Jewish state, as well as the failure of negotiations.”



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