The Dark Place of John Kerry

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, April 28 2014:

*It is interesting how the Palestinians are openly reverting to the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization to spearhead their attempt to join international organizations, particularly those related to the United Nations.

Following a meeting of the Central Council of the PLO yesterday, Mahmoud Abbas announced that the PLO would make a formal request to the U.N. to boycott all “companies and institutions” which “support Judea, Samaria, and the Judaization of Jerusalem.”

Moreover, the PLO confirmed that it has submitted applications to 63 more international organizations on top of the 15 different U.N.-related entities announced last week.

In addition, the PLO is requesting that the U.N. find that Israel is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention–and that Israel be held legally responsible.

Furthermore, the PLO announced that it has officially applied to Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. Presumably, the PLO will use such membership to charge Israeli officials with “crimes.”

The Orwellian irony of all of these moves is inescapable. A terrorist organization (the PLO)–which has just announced reconciliation with another terrorist organization (Hamas)–is now using the organs of international peace to accuse Israel of committing crimes by defending itself from themselves (the PLO and Hamas).


But the Orwellian irony of the PLO moves isn’t the only irony afoot today.

What would you say about an American Secretary of State who repeatedly declares that Israel will devolve into an apartheid state unless it “makes peace” with a terrorist entity that openly practices apartheid?

In yet another flabbergasting display in the wake of his failed Middle East “peace” initiative, John Kerry has lashed out yet again at Israel in precisely those terms over the weekend.

Speaking to senior officials from Japan, Russia, the United States, and Europe at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Kerry declared that Israel “will become an apartheid state” in the near future if it doesn’t reach peace with the PLO/Hamas.

Of course, neither the apartheid PLO or apartheid Hamas will allow even 1 Jew to live within the boundaries of its control and will even execute anyone who sells land to a Jew.  

But do Kerry and the rest of the world care if the PLO and Hamas practice apartheid of the worst kind?

Kerry, by the way, wasn’t finished. Once again he took great pains to provide an excuse for the Palestinians to begin another violent intifada against Israel: “People grow so frustrated with their lot in life that they begin to take other choices and go to dark places they’ve been before, which forces confrontation.” 

The fact is that John Kerry lives in one of those dark places, a dark place crowded with the likes of Jimmy Carter, Catherine Ashton, the United Nations Human Rights Council, BDS, Jewish Voice for Peace, J Street, and a myriad of others dedicated to the delegitimization of Israel.



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