Letter To Netanyahu, Peres, and Grunis: “Don’t Come To Mt. Herzl!”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, April 30 2014:

**Fresh from the “misimpression” caused by his “apartheid” comment, a misimpression which has led to a rash of “Israel is apartheid” comments around the world, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced yesterday that he will return to Israel in a few months in an attempt to restart the Kerry-proclaimed “peace process.”

Read this delusional comment from one of Kerry’s aides:  “It’s a matter of time before they all come back and want to have negotiations.”

No, Mr. Secretary. They will not come back. Your mission has failed. It has failed because the Palestinians never wanted, nor engaged in, so-called “negotiations.”

**An emergency conference held at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem yesterday discussed the rash of Muslim violence on the Temple Mount during the last month.

The organizer of the conference, Yehuda Glick, decried the current situation of Jews who attempt to go to the Temple Mount:  “We came to say loud and clear – ‘no more.’ The vulnerability of  Jews on the Temple Mount can not continue an instant longer. I call on the State of Israel and its leaders to wake up and act as a sovereign democracy to protect the fundamental right of all Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.”

Knesset member Moshe Feiglin added: “I am not asking for equality on the Temple Mount; there is no equality–the Temple Mount is ours and only ours. 

**The case of the Nahal IDF soldier “David” (see yesterday’s blog) has become a cause celebre among his fellow IDF soldiers with large numbers from various groups within the military expressing their support for him.

Another protest in support of Nahal "David" on the internet yesterday--this one by three female members of the IDF (picture: Ynet).

Another protest in support of Nahal “David” on the internet yesterday–this one by three female members of the IDF (picture: Ynet).

It was revealed today that the video of the interaction between “David” and the Palestinians was a production of B’tselem–the ultra leftist NGO that does all within its power to provoke IDF soldiers into supposedly incriminating situations. It has been reported that B’tselem actually pays Palestinians to antagonize IDF soldiers while its members (or other Palestinians) film the interaction.

B’tselem is funded by the New Israel Fund.

In this particular case, “David” (who was alone) was surrounded by the Palestinians for more than five minutes during which time they cursed and spat on him.  Finally, when they closed in on him threatening his life, he held up his gun, cocked it, and warned the Palestinians away–kicking one in the “buttocks” (one time) as he did so.

The IDF General Command ludicrously has accused “David” of not showing appropriate patience in dealing with Palestinians, of inappropriately cocking his weapon, and of inappropriately kicking one of the Palestinians.

Is it any wonder that IDF soldiers of every stripe are rushing to his defense?

**A major Hamas terror cell has been captured by Israel’s Shin Bet. Operating out of Qalqilya, the seven man cell had created numerous IEDs from fertilizers and other materials, were in the possession of long-range detonators, and had accumulated a cache of weapons.

Those terrorists arrested were: Halad Jamal Mahmoud Daud, 21 years old Ibd Alhak Yussef Shareem Hadraj, 23; Ibd Alrahman Mazen Yussef Shareem Hadraj, 23, the brother of Ibd Alhak; Namar Mahmad Namar Atta, 24 years old; Halad Bahri Ibrahim Abu Amra, 37 years old; Uvi Ibd Alrahman Hasham Tzalah, 24 years old; and Tzalah Mustaffa Assad Daud, 30 years old, a well-known Hamas activist in Qalqilya.

What made this cell particularly dangerous was that Halad Daud (first in the above list) is a citizen of Israel which allowed him access into and free movement around the country. It is also important to note that several members of this cell had previously been arrested by the PLO/Fatah security police and released.

Welcome to the new world of Hamas-PLO reconciliation.

**Speaking of the new world of Hamas-PLO reconciliation, Hamas held a one-thousand-person rally in the heart of PLO-controlled Ramallah yesterday.

flash90The occasion was Israel’s inexplicable release of the bodies of Hamas terrorists, Adel and Iwad Awadullah, who were killed in a 1998 shootout with IDF forces. The Awadullahs were extolled as heroes as their bodies were paraded through the streets to the accompaniment of chants from the crowd: “Revenge!” and “Strike Tel Aviv!”

While the Hamas supporters were whooping it up, PLO/Fatah members (many of whom wore masks) circulated in the crowd passing out leaflets that read: “Let there not be any excuse to divide members of the united Palestinian family. We live now in an atmosphere of reconciliation.”

Reconciliation indeed. Just like what happened in Gaza, Hamas is waiting for the first opportunity to overthrow Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO cronies once and for all.


Next week, Israel will hold its annual Yom Hazikaron Memorial Service on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem. As part of that service, Israel will remember the victims of terror who have died over the years. One of the leading elements of that service is the Terror Victims Association (Almagor).

This morning, two members of Almagor have published a letter that they have written to the Israeli government. Speaking for the Association, the letter demands that PM Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and the President of the Israel Supreme Court Asher Grunis not attend because they are responsible “for releasing murderous terrorists from prison”.

Which they are.

The letter goes on to state:

“Please save us and the rest of the families of terror victims the speech this year. Do not come to the ceremony on Mount Herzl [to tell] the bereaved families  . . . promises promised before and not fulfilled. We are fed plenty of cliches, slogans and hollow promises. . . We do not believe you and any word you say, so your words and your words will fall on deaf ears anyway.”

The letter concludes with a plea:

“Let us mourn in quiet.”

As bodies of terrorists returned to Hamas by the Netanyahu government are heroically paraded through the streets of Ramallah, your humble servant could not agree more.




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