Can You Guess What The Pictures Are?


Your humble servant thought he would just post a few pictures this morning.

First, the eight pictures will be posted without captions. Try to guess what they are pictures of. Later this evening, Israel time, at the bottom of the page, you will find a description of each.

Picture 1:

dumpontemple mount

Picture 2:

mount2(arnonsegal)Picture 3:

nahalbrassPicture 4:

1482 biblePicture 5:

kaifengPicture 6:


Picture 7:


Picture 8:


Picture 1: A Palestinian street cleaner truck dumping garbage on the Temple Mount two days ago. The irony of course is that, if the Al-Aksa Mosque and Dome of the Rock are so important to the Muslims, they certainly have a funny way of showing it.

Picture 2: This is a line of Jews and Christians waiting in a line three days ago that stretches all the way out of the Dung Gate and Old City. What are they absurdly waiting for? Permission from the Islamic Wakf to ascend to the Temple Mount.

Picture 3: The incident involving Nahal David–the soldier who has seen a massive outpouring of support from his fellow IDF soldiers. Note what is in the right hand of the “poor Palestinian teenager” sneaking up on him from behind. Brass knuckles.

Picture 4: A photo of a page from the Torah auctioned off the other day in England for 3.2 million dollars–the highest price ever paid for a Torah. Actually this Torah was one of the first ever printed–in 1482.

Picture 5: A picture from the Passover that recently took place in Kaifeng, China among the gradually resurgent Jewish community there.

Picture 6: The boat in Gaza that was planning a “reverse” flotilla to break the Gaza blockade. It was mysteriously sunk earlier this week. Note the Gaza skyline in the background.

Picture 7: A newly discovered ancient synagogue in northern Israel: stay tuned for more details in an upcoming blog.

Picture 8: The “Palestinian panel” of misinformation that greets all visitors to the United Nations just inside the front door.

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