Peace Was At Hand: Peres Flatulates Again

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Wednesday, May 7 2014:

**Hamas launched another missile at Israel last evening. The Palestinian terrorist organization, that everyone from the White House to the European Union is now touting as a possible peace partner for Israel, fired a rocket attempting to kill men, women, and children in the Chof Ashkelon region at 6:41 pm.

Fortunately, no one was physically wounded.  

Meanwhile, senior Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk declared in Gaza yesterday that “Hamas will not recognize Israel.” He went on to say that “This is a red line that cannnot be crossed.”

**If you can believe this, Israel continues to supply electricity to the Palestinian Autonomous Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria even though the Palestinians refuse to pay one agurot (penny). The Israel Electric Company threatened to cut off the power last week over a debt that now reaches 1.5 billion shekels, but postponed such a decision when the Palestinians said they would accuse Israel of a “war crime” for doing so.

A war crime?  To have to pay one’s bill?

There is simply no limit to Palestinian gall–as they seek to avoid all responsibility for everything. 

**The newest flashpoint in Judea and Samaria is likely to be the Jewish community of Rehoboam this week. Following a petition by Peace Now back in 2007, it was decided last year by the Civil Administration that several buildings at the community should be destroyed because they were supposedly built on private Palestinian land.

Rehoboam x

The oddity in this case is that there are no Palestinian petitioners seeking the recovery of land. 

A statement issued by Rehoboam community this morning reads:

“[There is no] moral justification for the destruction, trampling, and robbery of Jewish property. It is inconceivable that our rights are being violated by petitioners who do not exist and are not available with the result that families with children may find themselves on the street. “

**A very interesting poll is out today sponsored by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University (both known for their distinctly leftist leanings). The poll indicates that 68% of Israelis believe that the Netanyahu government was correct to cut off “talks” with the Palestinians.

But the findings that most interested your humble servant were the responses to the question of “What should be the most important goal of the government today?”

47% answered “reducing socio-economic gaps”

21% answered “creating affordable housing solutions”

10% answered “strengthening Israel’s military power”

9% answered “improving Israel’s status in the international community”

9% answered “reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians”

It is intriguing how outside of Israel all attention tends to focus on the Palestinian issue, yet inside Israel, Israelis put that issue very low on the totem pole (and this in a poll with built-in leftist bias). Socio-economic issues are at the top of the priority list.


Never one to miss a chance to be self-serving, Israel’s nonagenarian President Shimon Peres was at it again in an interview broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2 on Tuesday evening.

To hear Peres preposterously tell the tale, he and Mahmoud Abbas had reached an agreement “on almost all points” back in 2011–only to be torpedoed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Peres, Abbas was on the verge of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state in return for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Say what? Israel has indicated a willingness to establish a Palestinian state over and over again. When did Mahmoud Abbas ever say he would recognize Israel as a Jewish state? 

As recently as this past week, Abbas made speech after speech in Arabic in which he proclaimed that he would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. And why will he not? Because to do so would undermine the so-called “Palestinian right of return.”

According to the grand peacemaker Peres, Abbas and he agreed that the Palestinian “refugee” issue would be resolved according to the Arab League initiative. In other words, every Palestinian “refugee”–all 5,000,000+ of them as defined by UNRWA–would have the choice of returning to live in Israel or being compensated for his or her decades of “statelessness.”

In other words, the Palestinians would be able to flood Israel with “refugees.” In other words, there would be peace because there would be no Jewish Israel. 

But Peres did not dwell on such “details” as that. His main points in the interview were merely to tout himself, as usual, and to demean Netanyahu, as usual.  

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