Palestinian Rioters Rampage in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria

SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to the events of the day, the next installment in our series on the Dome of the Rock has been postponed until tomorrow.

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Thursday, May 15 2014:

**See if you can follow this convoluted piece of news, dear reader:

Following Tuesday’s absurd destruction of 4 Jewish homes and 3 other buildings in Ma’aleh Rehavim ordered by the Israel Supreme Court, the same Supreme Court has, in effect, granted an injunction against itself and ordered that destruction of Jewish homes in Ramat Gilad and Givat Yossef that it ordered for today be postponed.

In making the announcement, the Court said that it would give Jewish community members until July 3 to prove the validity of the bills of sale that they have for the property they live on. Remarkably, the Court refused to grant the same extension for the same reason to the Ma’aleh Rehavim residents two days ago.

Meanwhile, traffic came to a halt in several parts of Jerusalem today as Jews demonstrated against what happened in Ma’aleh Rehavim.

More than this, a new IDF protest erupted on Facebook today as dozens of soldiers promised that they would defy orders and no longer throw Jews out of their houses.


To show how ridiculous the situation in Israel has become, three young teenaged girls were run down by Jerusalem police today and arrested after a policeman saw one of them writing this on the sidewalk:

The chalked words read "Tag Mechir" (Price Tag).

The chalked words on the sidewalk read “Tag Mechir” (Price Tag).

Under a special law, the girls were held for hours without being able to contact an attorney.

And for what? Believe it or not, the Police announced that the three were arrested for a “hate crime.” Where is the hate crime? The words “price tag” were written on a public sidewalk with no mention of nationality, no mention of religion, no mention of anything.

The girls were finally released a few hours ago.

Contrast the above incident with what has taken place last night and today in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria as Palestinians have celebrated so-called “Nakba Day”. In all of the incidents described below, the IDF–under the specific rules of engagement issued by the IDF General Staff–has refused to take strong action to quell the disturbances.

This is a photo of a parade that took place in the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem last night:

This "celebration" occurred near the Damascus Gate.

This “celebration” occurred near the Damascus Gate. Note the green Hamas flags and the PLO flag.

Not only were Hamas and PLO flags waved with impunity but also Israeli flags were burned by the score. Where were the Jerusalem police? Doing things like arresting teenaged girls for writing in chalk on a sidewalk.

Here are some of the riots that took place between 8:24 am this morning and 1:39 pm this afternoon:

–8:24 am: Palestinians attacked Israeli vehicles near Gush Etzion badly damaging cars and buses

–8:25 am: Palestinians firebombed an Israeli vehicle in Mt. Hebron

–9:14 am: Palestinians threw 3 Molotov cocktails at IDF forces in Samaria

–9:50 am: Palestinians assaulted Israeli cars near the Benjamin Bridge

–10:52 am: Palestinians attacked security forces near the Palestinian settlement of Daheishe near Bethlehem

–10:53 am: Palestinians threw “rocks” and Molotov cocktails at security forces near Lebitonia in Samaria

–10:54 am: Palestinians threw “rocks”and gas bombs at troops near the Palestinian settlement of Horsh near Mt. Hebron

–10:57 am: Palestinians damaged a number of Israeli buses near Koach

–11:43 am: Palestinians attacked Jewish worshipers and security forces at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem

–11:44 am: Palestinians threw “rocks” and other projectiles at IDF forces near Palestinian settlement of Walaja

–12:34 pm: Palestinians attacked IDF checkpoints in Hebron wounding at least one Border Guard

–1:08 pm: Palestinians attacked Israeli security personnel in A-Ram, Qalandiya, Kedumim, Jayyus, Abu Dis, and Bani Na’im

–1:33 pm: Palestinian mob numbering more than 500 attacked and wounded 6 Border Guards near Walaja

–1:39 pm: Palestinians rioting near Giv’on wounded a Border Guard

Lest you think that all of these riots and attacks were random, the reports indicate that the terror was well organized by the PLO and Hamas with food and drink for rioters, distribution of gas masks, and media vests for international so-called “journalists”.

A few hours ago, Border Guards at Ofer Prison opened fire when attacked by yet another violent Palestinian mob. Two attackers were shot and killed.

The degree to which the situation has gotten out of control in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria is cause for concern for every Israeli. How long will it be until this danger spreads throughout the entire country? 

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