Gush Etzion First!

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Friday, May 30 2014:

**Where do you think the following picture was taken on Wednesday?


If you guessed “inside the Al-Aksa Mosque” you would be correct. This picture was taken by one of the Palestinian terrorists inside the mosque while members of his gang were throwing “rocks” (which you can see on the carpet) at the Jerusalem Police.

It is a searing indictment of those same police. 

How the Jerusalem Police allow a small band of terrorists to barricade themselves in the mosque and then allow their “rock” throwing to close down the entire Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) to Jews is simply incredible.

And this morning we have more information about just how incredible it is.

A senior Hamas terrorist, captured at the Allenby Bridge last month by Israel’s Shin Bet security service, has revealed that Hamas is using the Islamic Movement organization to funnel money into Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Toama disclosed that Hamas is now paying youths like the ones in the picture above a salary of some 4500 shekels a month (smuggled in from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries) to live on the Har HaBayit in the guise of Islamic students. These “students” are specifically “employed” to engage in violence on Jewish holy days and on Israeli holidays in order to close down the Mount to Jews.

The time is long past when the Police should go to the Har HaBayit and clean out the nest of vipers that inhabits it. 


Israel’s Economic Minister and head of the Jewish Home Party spoke at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv yesterday. Long an advocate of the annexation of Area C, Naftali Bennett outlined his plan in some detail–a plan that has already appeared in brief on this blog.

In essence, Bennett is now seeking to extend Israeli law over Jewish community areas in Judea and Samaria that are currently under IDF military administration. To that end, members of his political party introduced 10 laws in the Knesset last week.

More specifically, Bennett spelled out that he is seeking Jewish sovereignty over these areas in order:

1. Gush Etzion

2. Ariel

3. Ma’aleh Adumim and the Jordan Valley

4. the remaining Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria

The rationale for beginning with Gush Etzion is simple. No one disagrees that Gush Etzion is part of Israel. Even such anti-Israel bashers as Jimmy Carter have declared that Gush Etzion will become part of Israel in any future accommodation with the Palestinians. Gush Etzion consists of 22 Jewish communities with a population of some 75,000 Israelis.

Here are some maps of the area we are talking about. Note that Gush Etzion is the southern entry into Jerusalem–and extends from that point until Hebron:


Another view:

Note that the yellow area is Jerusalem--and the red line around it is the municipal boundary. The blue area is Gush Etzion which also includes dark blue municipalities such as Beitar Illit.

Note that the yellow area is Jerusalem–and the red line around it is the municipal boundary. The blue area to the south with the purplish line around it is Gush Etzion which also includes dark blue municipalities such as Beitar Illit. Jerusalem and Gush Etzion are connected by a tunnel access road.

As Bennett so rightly noted yesterday, the Western world will loudly condemn Israel for making such unilateral moves, but as he noted, the Western world also condemned Israel’s annexation of the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem as well as its annexation of the Golan Heights.

And so what? Those areas have now been part of Israel for decades. 

Bennett then proceeded to describe how an idea such as annexation evolves in regard to Western thinking: first, the West ignores the idea; second, when the West can no longer ignore the idea, it brands the idea “surreal and delusional”; third, when the West realizes such an idea is gaining traction, it begins to use all forms of media to attack it.

We are now, Bennett says, just moving past the stage in which “annexation is surreal and delusional.”

Finally, in Bennett’s opinion, the time has never been more propitious for annexation. At the same time we see Israel’s main criticizers, the U.S. and Europe, spiraling downward in terms of power and influence and becoming ever more self-centered, we find Israel’s newest supporters, China and India, on the rise and reaching out.

In your humble servant’s opinion, the time has come for Israel to act decisively and stop being on the continual defensive. Begin the annexation of Area C with Gush Etzion first!



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