The Search Continues in the Hebron Area: “Bring Back Our Boys!”

Updates 10 am Israel time, Monday, June 16 2014:

**At 10:09 pm last night, our house here in south Ashdod shook from the launch of two interceptor rockets fired from the Iron Dome system. There were no alarms and no warnings of any type. Immediately we looked at the “incoming missile attack” app on our cellphones and discovered that alarms had gone off in the Chof Ashkelon and Ashkelon regions about 4 miles down the beach.

This morning we discovered that the two Iron Dome interceptor rockets did intercept two missiles over the city of Ashkelon about one minute after their launch from here in Ashdod–and that two other missiles had hit “open spaces” (in other words, places that the IDF does not want to publicize).

The attack at 10:09 pm last night was followed by a major IAF attack on Gaza during the night which resulted in at least four major explosions. There are several drones circling high overhead in Ashdod at this very moment–which means, in essence, that they are also circling Gaza.


Without being here in Israel, it is difficult to understand the trauma that the country is going through as security forces attempt to locate the three missing teenagers. “Bring back our boys” has become the mantra that appears on television shows, twitter tweets, and on placards everywhere.

Prayer vigils are being held throughout the country. Last night, tens of thousands gathered at the Kotel to pray for the boys.

A small part of the crowd packed into the Kotel plaza last night (photo: Gil Yochanon).

A small part of the crowd packed into the Kotel plaza last night (photo: Gil Yochanon).

Facebook pages have been set up to support the families and to urge tougher government action against the PLO-Hamas government. But other facebook pages operated by the PLO and Hamas have taken a decidedly different tone:

This appeared yesterday on the official page of Fatah--the terrorist group headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

This Nazi-like cartoon appeared yesterday on the official facebook page of Fatah–the terrorist group headed by Mahmoud Abbas–Israel’s so-called “partner for peace”.

Meanwhile, the search goes on with IDF forces making approximately 150 arrests of Hamas terrorists in the Hebron area. While security officials say that the circle is tightening around the kidnappers, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever of where the teenagers might be. And as we all know, the longer such a search goes on, the less likely are the results to be positive.

In fact, there have been very few kidnappings in Judea and Samaria in which the hostages survived.

Let’s continue to hope and pray that this time will be one of those few exceptions.



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