La divina commedia, la grande farce, the pathetic absurdity has begun again . . .

UPDATES 9:15 am Israel time, Sunday, July 6 2014:

**A third suspect, heretofore unknown, has been captured in the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers. Hussam Dufash was apprehended on Saturday night. What he knows about the murders is not being released to the public.

Meanwhile, the infamous Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) unit of the IDF has incredibly unleashed a flood of would-be terrorists into Israel with the decision today to authorize Palestinians from Hebron to work in the country, and to allow tens of thousands from Hebron to enter Jerusalem and worship on the Har Habayit (Temple Mount) for the rest of the Ramadan holiday.

**Massive Arab rioting continues throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and Israel.

In and around Jerusalem, the Shuafat neighborhood continues to burn with intense rioting also taking place in the Arab neighborhood of Antonia. In addition, 200 rioters attacked Israeli security personnel in the Palestinian settlement of Sharafat near Gilo. After days of being pelted with Molotov cocktails and “rocks”, the Israeli residents of Maale Adumim staged a counter demonstration last night.

One of the major riots in Israel took place in Tayibe where more than 400 rioters threw “rocks” and other projectiles at police. In Nazareth, about 1000 “demonstrators” burned tires and threw “rocks” blocking entrance to the city. In Qalansawe, dozens of rioters attacked Israeli police with various weapons and forced the closure of roads into the city.

Meanwhile, the murder of Mohammed Khedair seems no closer to being solved. 


One of many photoshops of Netanyahu--encouraging him to wake up and do something against the missile fire (Image appeared on rotter--creator unknown).

One of many photoshops of Netanyahu–encouraging him to wake up and do something against the missile fire pouring down on southern Israel (Image appeared on rotter–creator unknown).

Want to hear a couple of good jokes today?

Joke 1: IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz went on a tour of the Gaza Border yesterday, and do you want to know what he said?

“Hamas is responsible for the continued firing from Gaza. The IDF is ready for any response necessary to allow the residents of the south to return to their normal routine. We will respond very strongly if silence does not come back.”


Joke 2: Do you want to know what the IDF spokesman said that the Israel Air Force did last night?

He said that the IAF attacked 10 separate terror targets in Gaza focusing on central and southern Gaza. The targets included rocket launching sites and weapons manufacturing plants.


In this wonderfully apt cartoon, one IAF pilot tells the other "I'll take the dune and you fire at the bushes."

In this wonderfully apt cartoon that appeared yesterday titled “Attacking the Strip”, one IAF pilot tells the other “I’m taking care of the trees on the right and you will take take care of the dune and the bushes.” (Cartoon by YOSSI SHAHAR).

After a Shabbat that saw 8 separate missile attacks and three separate mortar attacks on southern Israel, your humble servant wonders who laughed harder when they heard Gantz or the IDF spokesman, we residents of the south or the Hamas terrorists in Gaza?

8 missile attacks and 3 mortar attacks–a total of approximately 30 launches targeting the residents of southern Israel. 

But it appears this morning that la divina commedia, la grande farce, the pathetic absurdity has begun again.

Take a look over at the right hand column under “Palestinian Terrorist Rockets and Mortars Fired at Southern Israel Since January 20, 2012”.

Notice all the “ceasefires” that we have been through in the last two and a half years: January 20, 2012; March 13, 2012; November 21, 2012; and March 12, 2014. These were all “ceasefires” that reduced sudden bursts of Palestinian missile terrorism back down to a steady drizzle.  After every “ceasefire”, the missiles began falling again within a few days or a week at the most.

And that appears to be what will happen again.

A ceasefire brokered by Egypt (again) has taken hold.

Both Israel and Hamas (again) claim that they have not agreed to it.

Israel (again) has undoubtedly accepted Hamas terms for open border crossings and cessation of attacks on “ticking time bomb” terrorists.

The Netanyahu government has been exposed (again) for its utter vacuity.

The IDF has been exposed (again) for its utter weakness.

The citizens of southern Israel have been abandoned (again) by their government.

La divina commedia, la grande farce, the pathetic absurdity has indeed begun again.

Oh, but wait, there is one part of the process that your humble servant forgot. The Palestinian terrorists will continue shooting missiles at us as the “ceasefire” is established and in the hours immediately thereafter.

At this very moment, at 9:09 am missiles have just been fired at Sdot Negev and Kfar Gaza.



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