Israel Agrees To A Disastrous Ceasefire


It is now almost 11 pm Israel time, Tuesday, July 15 2014. Having run out of space on our breaking news ticker, we have been posting every Palestinian terrorist missile attack since 7:00 pm here on our main blog page. This is our final update until 6 am tomorrow:

10:28 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against the Eshkol region of southern Israel.

9:20 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Chof Ashkelon.

9:17 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Mt Hebron, Ashkelon, Yoav.

8:58 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch 5 missiles against Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne, Beer Tuvia.

7:51 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Eshkol region.

7:34 pm Tuesday: Israeli man who was bringing food to soldiers at the Erez Crossing was hit by mortar fired by Palestinian terrorists and killed.

7:30 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Sderot and Sha’ar Hanegev.

7:26 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Chof Ashkelon, Sha’ar Hanegev.

7:05 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Eshkol region.

7:04 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Gan Yavne, Kiryat Malachi and Be’er Tuvia.

7:03 pm Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launch missiles against Dimona, Yeruham, Sha’ar Hanegev.

UPDATES 7 am Israel time, Tuesday, July 15 2014:

**It appears that PM Benjamin Netanyahu has cravenly surrendered to Hamas even sooner than we at israelstreet had predicted.  According to Egypt who is making the ceasefire proposal, it was Netanyahu who came to Sisi in recent days and asked him to intervene. The Hamas military wing is still rejecting any talk of a ceasefire.

Netanyahu’s Cabinet is currently meeting to vote on that ceasefire. Apparently, FM Lieberman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett do not have enough votes to stop the ceasefire.

The “Egyptian” proposal supposedly calls on Israel to cease all operations in Gaza, promise not to mount a ground operation there, open the border crossings, and lift the siege on Gaza. The Egyptian proposal calls on Hamas to try to rein in all the groups that are firing at Israel. So much for the demilitarization that Netanyahu was talking about yesterday. 

The entire ceasefire is not only a pathetic joke, but also a disastrous development for Israel.

**Meanwhile all of Israel continues being attacked by missiles launched from Gaza. There were 55 attacks again yesterday involving 165 missiles. A number of Israelis were wounded including an 8 year old boy here in Ashdod and two young girls in Beersheva.

According to the IDF spokesman this morning who is continuing to play with the statistics, these are the numbers since the latest conflict began: 

1074 missiles have been launched by the terrorists in Gaza (if you have been keeping up with the launches, you know that this number is understated by at least 33%). 

191 terrorist missiles have been intercepted by the Iron Dome

839 terrorist missiles “fell in Israel” (your humble servant realizes that these numbers do not add up)

Hamas still has 5000 missiles in its arsenal. 

The Israel Air Force and Navy has attacked 1561 targets since the operation began.


The Israeli Cabinet, led by PM Netanyahu and the pusillanimous collection of 5 left-wing politicians that he put in the cabinet to counteract FM Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, has voted for a ceasefire beginning at this moment, 9 am on Tuesday morning. The vote was 6 for and 2 (Lieberman and Bennett) against. The terms of the ceasefire are above in today’s updates.

It is a disastrous moment in the history of this country.


1. Israel has signalled to all terror groups now surging on its northern, eastern, and southern borders that it does not have the will to fight. Netanyahu has just hung a sign above Israel that is flashing “Fire At Will”. Oh sure, Israel will respond to missile and mortar fire with missiles and artillery. But put boots on the ground? It will never happen under Netanyahu, Yaalon, and Gantz. All the terrorists have to do is fire and bunker down.

2. Any thought of an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities is gone with the wind. If Israel cannot stop lowly Hamas from hitting every Israeli city with its lowly M80, Grad, and Qassam rockets, how could Israel ever stop Iranian ICBMs hitting Israel in the wake of a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities? Israel does not have anything close to the capability.  

3. The whole world now knows that PM Netanyahu is nothing but a bluff about everything and will cave in to pressure from anyone.  Will anyone ever succumb to any of Netanyahu’s hollow call-ups of reserves, massing of tanks, and threats of retaliation? Netanyyahu has become like the old Arab leaders of the past, all bluster and no substance.

4. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been greatly empowered. No matter how the IDF wants to spin it or praises itself for how many tons of bombs it dropped on empty houses and empty land, the fact is that the terror groups survived completely intact–with their arsenals almost completely intact.

The Saudis and Qataris are already rushing to Gaza this morning to rebuild everything that was destroyed “even better”. Even Egypt, which was Hamas’ deadly adversary, is apparently going to open its border to Hamas.

Hamas rolled out every weapon in its arsenal and hit every target it aimed at. This morning finds it on top of the world.

5. The southern part of this country has been utterly and completely betrayed again. And hung out to dry. From the moment, that the IDF announced the other day that it was only going after the long-range rockets and launchers, the handwriting was on the wall. Tel Aviv is important;, Haifa is important; Jerusalem is important–but the southern part of this country is nothing. Who cares if the rocket fire continues to terrorize communities on the Gaza border?

Already this morning, the leftist Israeli news is crowing about how “everything is quiet again”. What they are not reporting, again, is that there have been 7 more missile attacks on southern Israel since midnight–the last one 20 minutes ago.

The irony is that the Netanyahu government and the IDF General Command care more about the civilians of Gaza than our own civilians in southern Israel. 

6. In terms of the dignity and self-respect of this country, your humble servant believes that we have passed the tipping point. But what is infinitely worse is that PM Netanyahu has led us down a road that has led to Jewish lives being at the mercy of the Obamas, Sisis, and European Unions of the world. 

This has ended exactly the way that we predicted at the outset–exactly the way it ended back in 2012.

But the implications are far worse. 

It is a very very black day for Israel.




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