7:00 pm, August 1 2014: The Time Has Come To Wage War


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The news about the needless deaths of 12 Israeli soldiers and now the kidnapping of another one has the entire country reeling in anger. It is largely an anger directed at PM Netanyahu for his incredible inability to make a decision. 

If the IDF had lost 64 soldiers but was now in the middle of Gaza where it would have been had we used our initial momentum, the country would have understood. But to have lost 64 soldiers and still be stuck on the outskirts of Gaza is beyond comprehension.

It is not only beyond the average person’s comprehension, it is beyond the comprehension of commanders on the ground. Just this afternoon, reports have started coming in from the field which are sharply critical of the Netanyahu cabinet and the IDF General Command for their inability to decide whether to go in or not– and leaving the soldiers exposed while they dither. 

There comes a time in the life of civilized countries in which they must take measures which might be considered uncivilized–but are nonetheless necessary if they are to survive. 

We are at one of those junctures in the history of Israel. We can continue to play as if we are waging war, or we can wage war. No more dithering, no more stuttering, no more taking one step forward and one step backward–the time has come for the sake of this country and our soldiers to wage war.

Here is a list of 10 actions that Israel should take immediately:

1. Israel should kill the Hamas leadership and the leaders of the other terror groups. 

It is simply incomprehensible that we all know about the Hamas bunkers under the Shifa Hospital and elsewhere, and we do nothing about them.

2. Israel needs to seriously bomb Hamas facilities all over Gaza.

It is simply incomprehensible that after 3 weeks of an aerial campaign, Hamas buildings throughout central Gaza remain unscathed. What in the world do we gain by bombing Hamas leaders’ houses over and over again?

3. Israel needs to strike the missiles launchers whether they are in densely populated areas or not. 

It is simply incomprehensible that after 3 weeks of an aerial campaign and 64 dead soldiers that we are still getting hit by more than 100 missiles a day. Warn the civilians around the building or house, and then blow it up.

4. Israel should blow up every house and every building  in which it is even suspected that there are booby traps or tunnels.

It is simply incomprehensible that the IDF is risking soldiers’ lives when we have the means to protect them. Make sure there are no civilians inside and then blow it up. 

5. The IDF needs to burn out the tunnels. There are numerous ways to get rid of the tunnels that do not involve putting IDF soldiers down the tunnels. Pouring water down the tunnels and electrifying the water; pouring fuel down the tunnels and igniting it, and on and on.

It is simply incomprehensible that Hamas terrorists are still coming out of their holes in the ground and killing our soldiers.

6. Israel should turn off the electricity to Gaza. 

It is simply incomprehensible that Hamas terrorists can operate their missile launchers and remote control booby traps with electricity supplied by Israel.

7. Israel should turn off the water to Gaza. 

It is simply incomprehensible that Hamas terrorists feel little to no pressure from their people to stop the war.

8. Israel should halt all “humanitarian supplies” going into Gaza until Hamas stops fighting. 

It is simply incomprehensible that barrels of flour full of ball bearings and crates full of clothing which are IDF uniform look-alikes are being sent into Gaza.  

9. Israel should close down all “media” outlets in Gaza.

It is simply incomprehensible that Israel is allowing fraudulent anti-Israel information to be broadcast around the world every second of the day. Pull the electrical plug and jam all broadcasts until the war is over.

10. Israel should close its ears to the world.

It is simply incomprehensible that the Netanyahu government is still obsessing about what the world thinks. Hasn’t it learned by now that whatever we do, we will be blamed?

Priority number one is saving our country, our people, and our soldiers.


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