11:30 pm, August 7 2014: Updates on the Israel-Hamas War


As you regular readers know, something has been amiss on israelstreet today; no updates appeared this morning. Israel advocacy sites have been targeted all over the internet for the past four weeks. Today, our security was not breached, but many WordPress blogs were partially disabled.

Hopefully, WordPress is back up and running smoothly now.

UPDATES 11:30 pm:

Oddly enough, your humble servant has spent the last three hours making his way through a swamp less than 1 km from the Lebanese border. But that is a story for a different blog.

This evening, it is fair to say that most of Israel, even here in the far north, is on pins and needles waiting for 8 am tomorrow morning. Not on pins and needles in fear, but on pins and needles in anticipation. 

It is at that hour that the current ceasefire with Hamas is set to expire, and the new one proposed by the Egyptians is supposed to go into effect. However, at the moment, the only entity that has signed on to that ceasefire is Israel.

Hamas has spent the day bellicosely beating what remains of its chest. According to the terrorists, if “the siege of Gaza” is not lifted, their finger is on the trigger, and they will resume firing. In their effort to blackmail Israel, they have been helped immeasurably by none other than U.S. President Barack Obama who declared today that “Gaza must be opened.” 

According to Egypt, everyone is doing everything they can to keep Hamas from carrying out its threat, but following Obama’s pronouncement, the Palestinian position has hardened.

According to Israel, if Hamas fires, there will be “a heavy response.” That, however, seems a little bit difficult to believe. On our way north this morning and afternoon, we encountered numerous IDF personnel returning to their bases. No one seemed to think that a return bout with Hamas on the ground was in the cards.

And neither does your humble servant.

What seems likely is that–barring some unforeseen breakthrough–Hamas will begin to shoot missiles in earnest again. What also seems likely is that Israel will not respond immediately–but if a response does come it will probably be around midday and be from the air and sea.

But all of this is rank speculation.

If all goes well in this remote location up in the mountains, your humble servant will return at 8:05 am tomorrow morning with the news of what has actually occurred. Hamas is very punctual. 



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