The Qatar-Hamas Connection: Starting, Sustaining, and Exploiting a War with Israel: Part 1

UPDATES 11:00 am, Israel time, Saturday August 16 2014:

**Various reports continue to dribble out of Cairo concerning the “permanent ceasefire agreement” between Israel and Hamas. According to Egyptian sources this morning, the agreement includes the items (cessation of hostilities, opened border crossings, expanded fishing areas) already described in previous israelstreet blogs with the additions, believe it or not, that:

–Israel will no longer maintain control of a buffer zone in northern and eastern Gaza because the area will be taken over by the PLO (aka Palestinian Authority) as of January 1, 2015.

–Israel will help in rebuilding Gaza, including rebuilding homes and buildings and clearing the rubble caused by Israeli bombs and artillery shells.

No buffer security zone, and we have to clean up the rubble. 

It is simply unbelievable.

Interestingly, King Bibi is now trying to present the agreement as a “fait accompli” that cannot be disagreed with by the so-called “security cabinet”. Last night, for the first time that your humble servant can remember, we even had Naftali Bennett and Tzipi Livni both agreeing that the agreement is unacceptable because it legitimizes Hamas.

By the way, there is not one word about “demilitarization” of Gaza in the document, and a member of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo even went so far as to say yesterday that Hamas would “never agree” to stop producing missiles or smuggling weapons into Gaza.

This is just another opportunity to thank PM Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ya’alon, and IDF Head Benny Gantz for providing non-existent security to southern Israel. 


What we have just witnessed over the course of the last month has been almost unprecedented in world affairs. We have seen a country facilitate the beginning of a war by funding and equipping a terrorist organization, sustain that terror group during the war by becoming its public relations arm and disseminating violently fraudulent images and information to the world, and now exploit that war by seeking to be portrayed as a peacemaker to bring about a ceasefire.

That country is Qatar.

Over the next four days, we will explore the Qatar-Hamas connection in detail, beginning today with a brief overview of Qatar, continuing tomorrow with how Hamas has funded and equipped Hamas, moving on the next day to how Qatar’s Al-Jazeera television station sustained Hamas, and concluding on Tuesday with how Qatar now seeks to become known as a peacemaker with the help of the utterly corrupt Ban Ki-Moon and the Qatariphile governments of the United States and European Union.

Let’s begin today with a few facts about Qatar.

Qatar, with its capital of Doha (map: Lonely Planet).

Qatar, with its capital of Doha (map: Lonely Planet).

With an area of 4,468 sq miles (11,571 km2), it is slightly more than half the size of Israel. Of its population of 2 million, only about 300,000 are Qatarisall of the rest, some 1.7 million people, are foreign workers primarily from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal whose appalling working conditions and incredible death rate have been documented by everyone from Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch. Because of its immense reserves of natural gas (3rd in the world) and oil, Qatar is the world’s richest country per capita.

The Doha skyline at night (picture:

The Doha skyline at night (picture:

Qatar is ruled by the al-Thani family, currently headed by Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani. 

Through its investments via such tools at the Qatar Foundation, the al-Thani family has infiltrated numerous institutions around the world. One of its most well-known affiliations is with the famed FC Barcelona Football (Soccer) team:

The Al-Thani family, the Qatar Foundation, Nike, the FC Barcelona playing jersey with the Barcelona logo.

The Al-Thani family, the Qatar Foundation, Nike, the FC Barcelona playing jersey with the Barcelona logo. The connection with Barcelona helped land Qatar the World Cup in 2022.

But the Al-Thani family has not merely been a supporter of the arts and sports.

The Al-Thani family has long been a major sponsor of Islamic terrorism. In the last three years alone, Qatar has supplied money and weapons to (among many groups):

*the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)

*the Al-Nusra Front (Tanzim Qa’edat Al-Jihad fi Bilad Al-Sham)–an al Qaeda group fighting in Syria made up of Sunni Islamist mujahideen

*MNLA (Tuareg separatists)–a terror group linked to Al-Qaeda

*Ansar Dine (al Qaeda)–a militant Islamic group with ties to al-Qaeda operating in the Islamic Maghreb

*Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa–mainly operating in southern Algeria and northern Mali with the goal of spreading Islam throughout west Africa

*ISIS (or DAAS)–the Islamist group now capturing large swaths of Iraq and Syria and massacring all “infidels” they find

And this is where we will stop for today–resuming tomorrow with how Qatar has armed and funded another terrorist organization, Hamas.  


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