The Qatar-Hamas Connection: Starting, Sustaining, and Exploiting a War with Israel: Part 2

UPDATES 8 am Israel time, Sunday, August 17 2014:

**A fog has descended over the “ceasefire negotiations” in Cairo. What appears to have happened is that Hamas’ military wing has rejected what its political wing and the PLO have achieved in so-called negotiations.

That military wing is insisting this morning that none of its demands have been met, especially the opening of an airport and seaport in Gaza. It is further stating that if its demands are not met by tomorrow, it will resume missile fire on Israel.

Interestingly, it is the Egyptians who are leading the charge against the proposed airport and seaport, declaring that their construction would present an unacceptable security risk.

The fog also extends to the Israeli side where PM Netanyahu has bunkered down and is releasing no information to anyone about where “negotiations” now stand. Presumably, Netanyahu’s fear is that his own political party and Security Cabinet as well as the Israeli public would all choke in revulsion if they knew the details. 

In any case, in an ominous sequence of events reminiscent of the last time it broke a “ceasefire”, Hamas has begun claiming that Israel is breaking the ceasefire. This morning, Hamas bellicosely alleged that Israeli naval ships opened fire on a target on a beach in Gaza.

**Circumventing normal military to military channels, President Obama has now ordered his administration not to approve any weapons deliveries to Israel without his express approval. 

This unprecedented order comes at a time when the Obama Administration is rushing to arm Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and a host of other countries with tens of billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry.

But weapons shipments to Israel are off the table.

It has now come to light that not only did President Obama nix the release of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles for the Israeli Air Force in the middle of the Gaza campaign last month, he even stopped the release of jet fuel and tank munitions. 


Yesterday, we saw in this blog how the small country of Qatar has become one of the major suppliers of funding and weapons for Islamist terror groups in the Middle East and in Africa.

Today, we will continue with how Qatar actively intiated the Israel-Hamas war by providing Hamas with the means to carry it out.

Warehouse full of stockpiles of weapons captured by the LIPG--and transported overland through Egypt to Gaza.

Warehouse full of stockpiles of weapons captured by the LIFG–and transported overland through Egypt to Gaza.

To begin with, it was none other than Qatar that facilitated the movement of Libyan weapons across Egypt (with the help of Obama friend and then Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi) and through the smuggling tunnels into Gaza after the fall of Muammar Qadafi. Light and heavy ordnance, mines, rpg’s, ammunition, hundreds of Grad missiles, missile launching systems, and small arms were all captured by the Qatari-sponsored Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and transported to Gaza.* 

But much more than this, it was Qatar that funded and masterminded the tunnel-based missile system developed in Gaza.

In light of the failure of Hamas missile efforts in previous conflicts with Israel–missile firings that depended on Hamas terrorists in the field carrying rockets with them and firing them on the spot, Qatar proposed a computerized launch system underground.

Pouring an estimated $500,000,000 million dollars into Hamas coffers, Qatar financed the entire Hamas tunnel network that features pre-launch missile guidance, remote controlled automatic launches, and extensive command and control headquarters for Hamas’ military and political leadership.   

And all of this was inside Gaza.

Meanwhile, in Qatar, Qatar has been at the forefront of managing Hamas’ cyber war against Israel which consists of hacking into and attacking Israeli government and IDF sites. Fortunately, Qatar has been less successful in this endeavor.

To sum up, in order to intiate a war against Israel, Qatar supplied weapons, financed the Hamas tunnel network, created a computerized missile launch system, and engaged in cyber-terrorism against this country.

Tomorrow, we will see what Qatar did to sustain Hamas once the war began.

*Addendum: With the purchase of 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles from the Obama Administration last month, future Qatari weapons shipments to Gaza will not have to be of captured materiel.



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