The Utter Insanity Of Israel’s Impending Agreement On Gaza

UPDATES and TODAY’S BLOG:  9 am Israel time, Tuesday, August 19 2014:

How can one even begin to describe the absolute insanity that now afflicts Benjamin Netanyahu and his team of advisors?

A mere four months ago in April, Netanyahu was declaring to the world that Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO were not, and have never been, “partners for peace.” Two months ago in June, Netanyahu blasted the formal signing of the reconciliation agreement between the PLO and Hamas, restating for the world to hear that Mahmoud Abbas was not a partner for peace.

One month later, the war with Hamas began and Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO immediately went on the attack proclaiming their support for Hamas and declaring that they would not terminate their relationship with Hamas. More than this, the Gaza chapter of the military wing of the PLO, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, immediately began launching missiles and mortars at Israel.

But a funny thing happened as hundreds and then thousands of missiles pulverized Israel and as the Israeli offensive into Gaza stalled because of the egregiously indecisive Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz who agreed to “humanitarian” ceasefire after “humanitarian” ceasefire.

Netanyahu and company suddenly resurrected Abbas and the PLO as the grand peacemakers–peacemakers who could extricate Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz from a sticky situation that was far beyond their incompetent control.

In short, Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO–rank terrorists who a mere two months before had aligned themselves with equally rank terrorists–became the saviours of Israel.

Now we arrive at last night when Israel ludicrously agreed to yet another 24 ceasefire with Hamas–in order to give itself time to agree to more concessions to Hamas.

This one, like the last two, was at the insistence of the Egyptians. It is getting difficult to keep track of how many pathetic ceasefires there have been, but this was apparently ceasefire number 9 (“apparently” because some were formally agreed to and others were not).  The whole ceasefire game has become symbolic of the inability of our leaders to do anything and has made them the laughing stock of everyone here in southern Israel.

What has Israel agreed to?

Who really knows the extent of Israel’s capitulation? Netanyahu has plunged the Israeli government and public into total darkness. All of the information is coming from the Palestinians and the Egyptians who have both confirmed the following:

1. All crossings from Israel into Gaza will be opened without restrictions on goods that pass through them. The Gaza side of all crossings will be monitored by the PLO.

2. The Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza will be opened with fewer restrictions. The Gaza side of the crossing will be monitored by the PLO.

3. The buffer zone along the Gaza border will be eliminated. What was the buffer zone will be patrolled by the PLO.

4. The fishing area off of Gaza will be gradually expanded to six then twelve miles.

5. A month after the agreement is signed, Israel, Hamas, and other parties will begin to discuss the construction of a seaport and airport in Gaza.

6. A month after the agreement is signed, Israel and Hamas will begin to discuss the return of the bodies (or body parts) of the two dead Israeli soldiers.

7. The demilitarization of Gaza is off the table–apparently to be tied at some later date to Gaza’s rehabilitation.

8. Oh and we almost forgot, Israel has agreed that money can flow into Gaza to pay the “salaries” of Hamas terrorists who carried out the war against Israel and Hamas leaders who led the war. The monetary payments will be facilitated by guess who? Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO. 

In the final analysis, Israel is in the process of surrendering its security to a government consisting of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas–both of which maintain charters until this moment that call for the destruction and elimination of Israel.

And, by the way, the United States–the same United States that cut off Hellfire missiles, tank munitions, and jet fuel to Israel three weeks ago–is now “guaranteeing Israel’s security.”

Absolute, total, insanity.  

Addendum: If you think what happening with the Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO in Gaza is insane, just wait for what happens when the attention turns to Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

*Please note that Part 4 of the Qatar-Hamas connection will appear tomorrow.

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