10:00 am, August 25 2014: Updates on the Israel-Hamas War: “Timid and Cowardly.”

UPDATES 10 am:

**Various sources indicate that Israel may be headed for another ceasefire with the terrorists in Gaza by this evening.

Remember how PM Netanyahu said that Istael would never negotiate while we are under fire? It appears that is just what Netanyahu has been doing while we have more missiles and mortars exploding in Israel than at any time previously in this war.

**It was another black day for southern Israel yesterday.

There were 57 launches out of Gaza involving, conservatively, 228 missiles and mortars.

This is not a number you will see anywhere else because every other media outlet relies on the official IDF numbers–numbers that israelistreet stopping using long ago.

Why are the IDF numbers unreliable? First, and incredibly, the IDF doesn’t include mortars at all. Yesterday alone there were between 50-100 mortars fired. Second, after the IDF radar system detects launches from Gaza, the IDF sends out soldiers to try to find the missile impact areas. If they cannot find where the missile exploded, the missile ceases to exist and is not included in the numbers.

**Speaking of mortars, the continued lunacy of the IDF General Command was on full display last night, again. Folllowing almost 7 weeks of mortars raining down on southern Israel in ever increasing numbers, mortars that have killed more than 10 IDF soldiers and critically wounded others and mortars that have now killed 2 Israeli civilians and critically wounded numerous others, the IDF General Command announced last night it has instructed the IAF to take “a more aggressive approach against mortar launchers.”

Can you believe this? Why didn’t the General Command order this at the outset of the war?

But wait. There was more. The IDF spokesman also said this about improvements in the last 24 hours:  “We’ve improved the locations of our radars to provide better coverage and identification of mortars by making the most of all of the sensors that have the longest warning time possible.”

Coming in the wake of the tragic death of 4-year-old Daniel Tregerman, this is a sick joke. Daniel’s mother Gila has commented that Daniel was killed because they had exactly 3 seconds between the time the alarm went off and the time the mortars exploded outside of their house.

**Regular readers of israelstreet may remember that some years ago, we reported on a new weapon that the IDF had in its possession, a laser system that was to be placed on the border that could shoot down mortars and missiles immediately upon their launch from Gaza.

So immediately, that the mortars and missiles would practically explode on takeoff and kill those who fired them.

Your humble servant has been wondering over the last month whatever happened to that weapon–a weapon would have completely neutered the terrorists in Gaza.  It was revealed on Israeli TV last night that the system was abandoned a year ago by the IDF General Command led by Benny Gantz in favor of the Iron Dome system because it was not considered cost effective.

Not cost effective? What about people effective?

**One last note in this first update this morning from Eilat.

It is worthwhile to remember a comment made about IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz that was made by a senior IDF official several years ago when Gantz was elevated to the position instead of the first choice, Yoav Gallant. That official said then:

“He is timid and cowardly. Has a serious professional flaws. Is not proactive or creative.”

That sums Gantz up exactly.


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