Statistics on the Recent War: Alarms, Locations, Missiles, Times

UPDATES 8 am Israel time, Sunday, August 31 2014:

**Remember all of the humanitarian aid that Israel sent into Gaza during the recent war–and continues to send into Gaza everyday? 

The PLO accused Hamas yesterday of stealing most of those humanitarian supplies. According to the PLO, Hamas distributes the “aid” to its own men and sells the rest of it on the black market.

What a surprise.

Worse than this, the PLO accused Hamas of shooting, beating, and imprisoning PLO members in Gaza during the fighting–and using PLO members as human shields.

Heaven forbid.

**PM Netanyahu continued his barrage of criticism of those opposed to his policies (or lack of them), and his torrent of self-congratulation over his performance in the Gaza conflict, in an interview on Israel’s Channel 1 last night.

Among other things, Netanyahu announced that when the next elections come, he will attempt to become Prime Minister again. He also blathered that “overthrowing Hamas remains an option.”

Sure thing Bibi, just like bombing Iran remains an option. 


A number of statistics concerning Israel’s recent war with Hamas have been released in the last few days.

**As was noted here on israelstreet during the war, the success rate of the Iron Dome system in shooting down incoming missiles continually decreased with devastating results.

In the first days of the war, the Iron Dome was shooting down almost 90% of incoming rockets from Gaza that were going to hit populated areas; by the end of the war, that percentage was down to 76%. To put it a different way, 1 out of every 4 missiles being fired from Gaza was getting through the Iron Dome defenses and exploding in Israel where [they] killed and wounded numerous Israelis. 

**During the war, there were 4602 “Tsava Adom” alarms for incoming missiles in Israel, an average of 90 per day. Half of all the alarms occurred in the “Otef Aza” (Gaza Perimeter) zones–7 of which you can see in the table below; when an alarm sounded in the “Otef Aza” areas, residents had anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds to reach safety. By contrast, here in Ashdod we usually had from 30 to 45 seconds.

Yad Mordechai area Zone 218 (Otef Aza) 7%
Zikim Zone 217 (Otef Aza) 6.8%
Nahal Oz Zone 224 (Otef Aza) 6.1%
Nirim Zone 231 (Otef Aza) 3.7%
Chof Ashkelon Zone 247 (Ashkelon) 3.5%
Ashkelon Zone 246 (Ashkelon) 3.3%
Ashdod Zone 271 (Ashdod) 3%
Kfar Aza Zone 223 (Otef Aza) 2.9%
Sderot Zone 220 (Otef Aza) 2.8%
Kerem Shalom Zone 237 (Otef Aza) 2.7%

In terms of cities hit, you can see from the above table that Ashkelon had more alarms than any other Israeli city. Here is the complete list of the top 10:

Ashkelon Zone 246 3.3%
Ashdod Zone 271 3.0%
Sderot Zone 220 2.8%
Gan Yavne Zone 273 2.0%
Kiryat Malachi Zone 275 1.7%
Beersheva Zone 292 1.7%
Netivot Zone 254 1.2%
Rishon LeZion Zone 175 0.9%
Gadera Zone 268 0.9%
Rehovot, Nes Ziona Zones 182,183 0.8%

Note that for all the words written and spoken about Tel Aviv and Jerusalem being struck, they very rarely were. In fact, they did not even make the list. By the way, your humble servant’s home is in Zone 271.

How do the above percentages translate into actual numbers of alarms?

Ashkelon’s 3.3%=152 alarms; Ashdod’s 3%=138 alarms; Sderot’s 2.8%=128 alarms

**And how do the alarm number numbers translate into number of missiles fired?

In short, they don’t.

For example, during those 138 alarms in Ashdod, more than 300 missiles were fired at the city–many were intercepted by the Iron Dome (over our house), others got through the Iron Dome and exploded in the city, and still others hit “open spaces” around the city.

And none of this takes into account the large number of missiles that were fired at Ashdod for which there were no sirens.

**Here in Ashdod and elsewhere, we quickly realized that the missile firings from Gaza were mainly on automatic timers. Here is a graph (courtesy of showing the times missiles were fired. Note that the numbers on the left indicate “numbers of missiles”:

Rocket times

Obviously, most missiles were fired between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm each day.

**Finally, how many missiles and mortars were fired at Israel during the war?

It has been fascinating to see how the official IDF “total number” fired has gradually been increasing over the last week (since the war ended)–increasing toward the israelstreet total number in the right hand column. 

In our running total, we listed as of last Wednesday, 4964 missiles and mortars. Last Wednesday, the “official number” was just over 4400. As of this morning, the “official number” has been raised to nearly 4900. 




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