The U.S. and E.U. Rush To Embrace Iran

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UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Sunday, September 7 2014:

**Another entry into “the death toll in Gaza continues to mount”: PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas noted yesterday that at least 120 of the “young people” (read: “children”) killed in Gaza during the recent war with Hamas were, in fact, shot by Hamas for “breaking curfews”. 

This was in addition, he said, to many others who were simply “executed.”

**Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Al-Zahar declared once again yesterday that the IDF had failed to destroy most Hamas tunnels, and that Hamas was using this ceasefire to continue expanding its tunnel network. 

Surprise. Surprise.

More than this, following IDF proclamations only a week ago that there are no Hezbollah tunnels coming into northern Israel, Lt. General Dan Goldfuss of Unit 769 appeared on Israel’s Channel 2 yesterday to say that the threat of Hezbollah tunnels not only exists but “is very likely”. 

For years, residents of the north (just like residents of the south) have been reporting tunnels and tunneling activity.


How many times have we been treated over the past few years to comments like these about the Iranian nuclear weapons program?

Barack Obama: “The U.S. will not compromise on Israel’s security.”

Shimon Peres: “Obama can be trusted on Iran.”

John Kerry:  “I can tell you, without any exaggeration, we not only narrowed differences but we made significant progress . . . There’s no question in my mind that we are closer now.”

It’s has been enough to make one sick as the West has rewarded Iran for missing deadline after extended deadline. Whether this was the result of Iranian negotiating mastery or a conscious strategy on the part of the West (it has long been thought that the centerpiece of Obama’s nonexistent foreign policy was rapprochement with Iran–hence his failure to bomb Syria where Iranian Revolutionary Guards continue slaughtering thousands of Syrian civilians, etc) makes little difference at this point.

The bottom line is that the centrifuges in Iran keep churning out enriched uranium as you read this sentence–and the Iranian military weapons programs continue zooming forward.  

And everyone knows this–especially the other countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt which are now fast-tracking their own nuclear programs.

Now it appears more evident than ever that the ludicrous Obama Administration and European Union have completely thrown in the towel on Iran’s nuclear weapons program and are moving “full speed ahead” to cooperate with Tehran on attacking ISIS/DAAS in northern Iraq and Syria.

The IAEA revealed yesterday that five steps that the Iranians were supposed to have completed before August 25 did not take place.  For example, the Iranians failed to provide information about significant parts of their nuclear weapons program including work on detonators to set off nuclear bombs, and have continued military work at Parchin where nuclear weapons development takes place.

But, again, the West doesn’t care if Iran complies or not. During this same period during which the Iranians failed to comply with IAEA requests, the West incredibly “unfroze” another billion dollars in Iranian assets as a reward for Iranian participation in the nuclear talks.

The simple fact is that Iranian nuclear weapons aren’t on the Western agenda anymore as the U.S. and Europe rush to work with Iranian intelligence officials to stop the spread of ISIS–which is determinedly beheading the soldiers of Iran and its Shi’ite proxy Hezbollah (and of course many others)

It is yet another case in the Middle East where the bad guys (Iran) have become the good guys.


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