U.S. and U.N. Mendacity, The Ceasefire with Hamas, Hezbollah in Retreat, Peres on War

11 am Israel time, Tuesday, September 9 2014.

Morning Updates:

1.  Think back to August 1, 2014.  John Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon arrive in Cairo and engineer yet another “humanitarian” ceasefire with Hamas. They specifically communicate in writing to Israel that Hamas has agreed that Israeli soldiers on the ground in Gaza can continue dismantling the tunnels.

90 minutes after the ceasefire begins, Hamas terrorists emerge from a tunnel and kill two Israeli Givati soldiers working on destroying another tunnel. One of those soldiers’ bodies, that of  Hadar Goldin, is dragged back through the tunnels into Gaza where it is still held by Hamas.

IDF radio this morning has confirmed that, in fact, Kerry and Moon deliberately misled Israel into believing that Hamas had signed on to the tunnel-clearing. Why you may ask would they do such a thing? Maybe, as israelstreet has asserted all along, it was simply to give Hamas a chance to regroup? Or maybe, it was simply because they wanted to reap the rewards of being “peacemakers”. Or maybe. . . what difference does it make? 

Two Israeli soldiers are dead because Kerry and Moon lied. 

2. The current ceasefire with Hamas continues to teeter on the verge of collapse. The last 48 hours have seen Palestinian “fishermen” captured off the coast of Gaza after having exceeded the three mile fishing limit, and a Palestinian shot and killed as he approached the Gaza border fence. Israel has also informed Turkey that the “humanitarian” ship designed to supply power to Gaza will not be allowed in.

The “humanitarian” convoys continue rolling through the Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel into Gaza as they were before the conflict, but the Egyptians have done virtually nothing to ease the restrictions at the Rafah Crossing.  

In short, the situation on the ground and at sea around Gaza remains as it was on July 1, just before the recent war began. 

One can only surmise that once Hamas feels sufficiently rearmed, the missiles will begin exploding in Israel in short order.

3. Around the neighborhood:  the last week has seen Hezbollah suffer a major defeat in Syria with yet another senior commander and scores of other soldiers dead. This morning Hezbollah has staged a major retreat of its forces back to the Syrian-Lebanese border under cover of Syrian aircraft.

Hezbollah is now facing a pincer movement from the Al-Qaeda forces and ISIS/DAAS forces in Syria.  With the war now spilling over into Lebanon, it is completely unsurprising to see regular Lebanese Army soldiers being beheaded.

4. Words of wisdom, NOT, from former Israeli President Shimon Peres at the 14th annual Conference on Counter-Terrorism at the IDC in Herzliya two days ago:

“You cannot defeat terrorism.”

“Wars have lost their function.”

“Mahmoud Abbas risks his life in his words and actions for peace.”

Your humble servant leaves it to you, dear reader, to choose which of these gems is the most absurd and to ponder if there has ever been a clearer expression of the leftist willingness to surrender to evil.


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