The Ceasefire Comes To An End With The First Of Many “False Alarms”

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Tuesday, September 16 2014:

**The security situation in and around Jerusalem as well as in Judea and Samaria continues to deteriorate. Here is a sampling of incidents that took place yesterday:

11:09 am: Palestinian terrorists blocked roads near the Benjamin Junction with burning tires and assaulted Israeli motorists with “rocks”.

12:53 pm: Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists at the 206 checkpoint near Hebron.

2:58 pm: Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists near Abu Tor. A mother and her two children were wounded and had to be hospitalized.

4:05 pm: Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis at Al-Hader in Gush Etzion.

5:10 pm: Palestinian terrorists assaulted Israelis near the Mt. Hebron intersection.

7:01 pm: Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis in Pisgat Ze’ev.

11:02 pm: Palestinian terrorists fired rifle shots at an Israeli bus on the Husan bypass.

And the list goes on and on. Your humble servant has been saying the obvious for two years nowif this is not an intifada, one wonders what is?

**The Hamas terrorists in Gaza continue executing alleged collaborators at a steady pace. Yesterday an unnamed 59-year-old Hamas bureaucrat was hauled out to a public square in front of a large crowd and shot. He was accused of providing Israel information “for decades.”

**Several days ago in an effort to refurbish its image as a state sponsor of terror among Arabs (read “Egypt”), Qatar announced that between 5 and 7 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood would be ordered to leave the country. Among those being told to leave is apparently Khaled Meshaal, the political head of Hamas which is an offshoot of the Brotherhood.

However, it turns out that those leaving are not really leaving the comforts of “home”. They are merely moving to Qatar’s terrorist partner.  Yesterday, one of the leaders Amir Derrac, the Commissioner for External Relations for the Muslim Brotherhood, showed up at his new digs in Turkey.

As we all know by now, the Qatar-Turkey nexus has become one of the major sponsors of terror in the region. Turkey has long been home to major Palestinian terrorists–many of whom actively carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. One of the “coordinators” of the kidnappings and murders of the three Israeli teenagers several months ago was a Hamas leader who lives in Turkey.

**It was reliably reported yesterday that another terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas, is stealing “humanitarian donations” by the millions. Israel’s so called “partner for peace” is not only secreting the money away in foreign bank accounts but also is doling out untold amounts of “donor money” to his cronies in Fatah.

And now, it is no surprise that Abbas is cozying up to Qatar. After all, in light of the millions that the Qataris are funneling to Hamas, Abbas merely wants his cut of the action.

**Speaking of terrorists, there are reports out of Iraq this morning that ISIS/DAAS has begun using chlorine gas in its attacks on Baghdad suburbs. 

Of course, the Islamic terrorists have overrun numerous chemical weapon repositories in Syria and now have those weapons at its disposal.


You won’t read this anywhere else today, but the most recent ceasefire with Hamas came to an end yesterday morning at 11:29 am when terrorists in Gaza fired two missiles at the Chof Ashkelon region of southern Israel--specifically at Yad Mordechai and Netiv HaAsara.

The IDF spokesman’s office was lightning fast in claiming that there was nothing to worry about–it was just a “false alarm”.  Shortly afterwards, the “false alarm” had morphed into “the missiles landed on the Gaza side of the border fence.” Still later, this version had morphed again into “Hamas was merely test-firing missiles within Gaza.”

How many times do we in the South have to hear this pathetic nonsense from the IDF? False alarm–missiles landed in Gaza–Hamas was just testing . . . And every time, we have to get the truth from actual people on the ground in the communities that have been struck. Yesterday’s truth was that residents of the communities mentioned above reported hearing two explosions as the missiles impacted.

Allow your humble servant to say it again:

There are no such things as “false alarms”.

The Israeli detection system picks up every launch from Gaza. During the recent 50 day war with Hamas in which more than 4500 missiles were fired at Israel, there was not one “false alarm.”

False alarms, which always “occur” between wars, are merely inventions of the IDF which enable it to avoid taking action against Hamas.  

What yesterday signaled was the beginning of the lead-up to the next war with Hamas as one or two missiles every few days gradually will become 10 or 15 per week.  As always, it is the citizens of southern Israel–who had to rush to their bomb shelters yesterday–who are being hung out to dry as the IDF has abandoned us once again. 




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