Southern Israel Attacked Again: Netanyahu Government and IDF Praise and Reward Hamas


8 am Israel time, Wednesday, September 17 2014

You will recall that in yesterday’s blog, your humble servant reported on how Hamas had broken the ceasefire by firing 2 missiles at southern Israel at 11:29 am on Monday morning.  Moreover, we reported here on israelstreet that the IDF had gone through its usual multiple contortions (“false alarm”, “fell in Gaza”, “just Hamas test-fire”) to try to delude Israelis into believing that nothing had happened so that the IDF would not be expected to respond.

Yesterday, your humble servant penned these words:

“What yesterday [Monday] signaled was the beginning of the lead-up to the next war with Hamas as one or two missiles every few days gradually will become 10 or 15 per week.  As always, it is the citizens of southern Israel–who had to rush to their bomb shelters yesterday–who are being hung out to dry as the IDF has abandoned us once again.”

Guess what? Last night the missile fire continued with at least one more missile exploding in the Eshkol region.

And guess how the IDF responded? By doing nothing, again.

Well, not quite. It turns out that the IDF is now ludicrously depending on Hamas to protect Israeli citizens. 

If you can believe this, the IDF spokesman put out the message last night that it had threatened Hamas with retaliation if the terrorist organization did not arrest its own terrorists who had fired the missile(s): “We judge you by your acts and not your words; if those who violated the truce are not dealt with forcibly, we will be forced to act.”

We will be forced to act? 

Wasn’t it PM Netanyahu, and so-called “Defense” Minister Ya’alon, and do-nothing IDF Chief Benny Gantz who proclaimed to the residents of the South a mere two weeks ago that they would never permit a missile or mortar to fall in the South again?

And here we are two weeks later with southern Israelis frantically running to bomb shelters with Hamas missiles exploding all around and the Israeli government and IDF are doing nothing.

By the way, Hamas sent 3 messages through mediators last night: first, it proclaimed that it was unaware of any missile fire on southern Israel; second, it proclaimed that it is “honoring the truce and investigating the incident”; third, it proclaimed that it had arrested those responsible.

Sure thing. There is not one person in southern Israel who believes a word that Hamas says.

But guess what? The IDF does. Following the proclamation about arresting those responsible, the IDF actually praised Hamas for “moving quickly” to arrest the perpetrators because the organization is “disturbed by the situation.”

Hamas is disturbed by the situation? What a joke.

But wait . . . there is more laughter to come.

It was also announced yesterday by the IDF that an agreement has been reached to allow construction materials into Gaza–the same construction materials that have been used by Hamas for the last decade to construct tunnels into Israeli communities. 

And even more. The IDF also announced that hundreds of new permits will be given to the terrorists in Gaza so that they can visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (yes, you read that correctly) and that the amount of goods being trucked into Gaza would be increased. 

Can you even believe any of this?

Your humble servant cannot.  The more Hamas shoot missiles, the more Netanyahu, Ya’alon, and Gantz reward the terrorists.

What a pathetic excuse we have in this country for a government and military–a government and military that will not protect its own citizens.  

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