Once More Into The Orwellian: “Dual-Use” Materials for Gaza



UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Wednesday, September 24 2014:

**Mixed messages out of Cairo this morning: on the one hand, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry has announced that both Hamas and Israel have agreed to extend the current ceasefire. On the other hand, in the wake of the elimination of the Hamas killers of the Israeli teenagers, the “indirect” ceasefire talks have been delayed until the last week in October.

This came after a day in which both sides listed the issues they want to discuss when the talks finally do get underway. Nothing new was presented on either side.

**On the subject of the elimination of the Hamas killers: Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah (PLO) organization condemned the killing of the terrorists yesterday as being a “cowardly execution.” Hamas issued its own blather:

“We announce the martyrdom of the two Qassam heroes Amer Abu Eisheh and Marwan Qawasmeh, the heroes who took into captivity and killed three occupation soldiers, who were martyred in a heroic battle with the Zionist occupation forces on Sept. 23, 2014.”

Isn’t it fascinating how the Palestinian pr machine turns two barbaric murderers into “heroes”, their teenaged student victims into “occupation soldiers”, and an inglorious five second gun battle with IDF forces into “a heroic battle”?

Of course, now that they are dead, donor money from international sources will be allocated as “salaries” to their “heroic” families.

**As we all know by now, President Obama’s recent speech about enlisting the aid of an “international coalition” to fight against IS (ISIS/DAAS) focused on some of the Obama Administration’s best friends, especially Turkey.

Turkish PM Erdogan then returned the Obama compliment by declaring that Turkey would have nothing to do with the coalition and thereby sent U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry into a panic. 

Yesterday, after frantic meetings with the Turkish Foreign Minister, Kerry rushed out to the microphones to say that Turkey has now joined the “global” coalition and will in fact be in its “forefront.”

One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at America’s reckless embrace of Turkey. The way that the Obama Administration has jumped on board the Ankara bandwagon (not to mention that of Qatar) can only mean that this recklessless is now (perhaps it always was) a cornerstone of American foreign policy–a foreign policy that is a direct slap in the face of Israel.

By the way, the Turks announced yesterday that they are deporting more than 1000 fighters from 75 different countries who have taken up residence in Turkey on their way to fighting for IS. This comes at the same time, that Hamas terrorist leaders are leaving Qatar for new homes in Turkey which is well on the way to becoming, like Qatar, one of the main hubs in the world of international terrorism.

**The Palestinians announced yesterday that Mahmoud Abbas will “drop a bombshell” when he speaks at the United Nations on Friday. Will he declare a Palestinian state? We will just have to wait and see.


For the 21st consecutive year, the Palestinian Donors’ Conference convened yesterday. Its expressed mission is “is to help build Palestinian infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza and to strengthen the economic institutions of the Palestinian Authority.”

Its actual mission is to line the pockets of PLO and Hamas officials with money. 

Chaired by the egregiously anti-Israel Norway and featuring such infamous Israel bashers as Ban Ki-Moon, John Kerry, Catherine Ashton, and other representatives of the E.U., the conference focused yesterday on agreeing to a U.N. mechanism  regarding the importation of “dual-use” materials into Gaza. 

In other words, the group agreed to restrictions on materials that can be used to manufacture missiles and construct tunnels (so-called “dual use” because they could conceivably be used in the construction of apartment buildings).

What are some of those “restrictions”?

1. All “dual-use” materials must be logged in, monitored, and controlled by U.N. personnel in Gaza.

2. “Dual-use” materials must be stored in U.N. warehouses.

3. All warehouses with “dual-use” materials must contain cameras to make sure that items are not secreted out by Hamas.

And so on.

Once again we will have the United Nations, which already permitted Hamas to store and fire missiles from its facilities in Gaza during the recent war, overseeing materials that Hamas will use again to wage war against Israel.

“Dual-use”. George Orwell would have been proud.





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