Israel’s So-called “Partner for Peace” Calls For “Liberation of the Land”

UPDATES 9:00 am Israel time, Friday, September 26 2014:

**Rosh Hashana continues: 

As you may or may not be aware, the Rosh Hashana holiday began at sundown on Wednesday and continues until sundown tonight. Then it immediately transitions into Shabbat. What this means is that Israelis are on a three-day holiday. More than 150,000 secular Israelis have gone to the northern part of the country on vacation. On the other hand, the orthodox have three days during which they cannot cook, use electricity, or use any form of motor transportation.

**The Obama circus continues at the United Nations:

One day after remarkably extolling Islam and unbelievably declaring “too many Israelis [are] ready to abandon the hard work of peace” (note that he did not breathe one syllable about Palestinians and “the hard work of peace”), Obama was busy meeting yesterday with virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Turkish PM Erdogan–and afterwards meeting with Gen. Sisi of Egypt.

Considering the fact that the Obama White House had already insulted Sisi by declaring that there would be “no White House visit” for the Egyptian leader, it is surprising that Sisi would agree to meet with Obama at all.

**The U.S. capitulation to Iran continues:

The news this morning is that Obama and Kerry have completely caved in on the U.S. demand that Iran stop uranium enrichment. At one time, this was to be accomplished by elimination of Iranian centrifuges, but it then morphed into letting Iran keep 1500 centrifuges.

Iran simply said “no”.

The new offer this morning is that the U.S. will be happy if half of Iran’s 9400 current centrifuges are disabled.

The bottom line is that the U.S. wants to create a situation in which it will take Iran “at least one year to create a nuclear bomb.”

Can you believe this? Of course you can. After all, we are talking about Barack Obama and John Kerry.   

**Terrorism continues to run amok in eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. This morning a nine-year-old Israeli boy was wounded by “rocks” thrown by Palestinian terrorists at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem.


Well, they’ve done it again. Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO buddies in Fatah have forged yet another agreement with Hamas in Gaza. The document declares that the two sides applaud the Egyptians for their efforts at maintaining a ceasefire, that Hamas “workers” (read “Hamas terrorists” who carried out the war with Israel) in Gaza will be paid their “salaries”, and that all crossings from Gaza into Israel must be opened to speed rehabilitation efforts.

There is remarkably little which deals with exactly how the “reconciliation government” is supposed to take place in Gaza except in a vague reference to a previous agreement signed back on April 5, 2011. In other words, there is no direct mention of who is supposed to be in charge of the crossings into Egypt and Israel–or who is supposed to be in charge of security in Gaza.

Of course, we all know what the answer to those questions is–Hamas. No matter how it is papered over to make it seem to international parties that Fatah will be in charge in Gaza, Hamas will not relinquish one iota of its power in the territory.

The entire agreement has been published in English on various Palestinian news sites this morning. Of all the nine articles, your humble servant finds Article 5, entitled “Political Moves” the most interesting:


“While emphasizing commitment to the 2006 document of National Reconciliation and all its items, we support the Palestinian political moves and efforts aimed at achieving the national goals of the Palestinian people at this stage, and which are contained in the document of National Reconciliation – namely, the liberation of the land, the removal of settlements and the evacuation of the settlers, the removal of the separation and annexation racist wall, the achievement of freedom, right of return, independence and self-determination, including the establishment of an independent state with full sovereignty on all Palestinian lands occupied in 1967, with its capital in Jerusalem, guaranteeing the right of return of refugees to their homes and the liberation of all prisoners and detainees.

The two sides stress that these efforts and political moves will be followed up by the PLO and its institutions, particularly the committee for activating and developing the PLO.”


After reading this, how can anyone with a straight face claim that Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO are a partner for peace? Not only have they embraced Hamas yet again, they have reiterated the following goals:

the liberation of “the land”: this means, of course, the land of Israel–all of the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

the removal of “settlements” and the “evacuation of settlers”: this means, of course, the ethnic cleansing of every Jew from Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

the removal of the separation and annexation racist wall: this means, of course, the removal of the separation fence that stops terrorists from entering Israel everyday to kill Israeli men, women, and children.

the establishment of an independent state with full sovereignty on all Palestinian lands occupied in 1967: if this seems to contradict the “liberation of the land”, it doesn’t–read on.

with its capital in Jerusalem: not East Jerusalem, not eastern Jerusalem, but Jerusalem.

guaranteeing the right of return of refugees to their homes: so how is “the land” to be “liberated”? by the return of 5,000,000+ so-called refugees to their “homes” in Israel. 

the liberation of all prisoners and detainees: this means the release of all terrorists from Israeli security facilities.

these efforts and political moves will be followed up by the PLO and its institutions:  Mahmoud Abbas likes to talk about the Palestinian Authority, etc. but first, last, and always at its core is the Palestine Liberation Organization.

There is no way to sugarcoat any of this though that is precisely what we will hear today when Abbas speaks at the United Nations.  

The obvious fact is that the reconciliation reads much like the Hamas charter and the PLO charter–both of which still call for the “liberation” of Israel. 

So, dear readers, the next time you hear any crackpot such as Shimon Peres, or Barack Obama, or John Kerry, or Catherine Ashton, or any international diplomat, or anyone at all claim that Mahmoud Abbas and his “Palestinian Authority” are a partner for peace, remember September 25, 2014 and the Fatah reconciliation agreement with Hamas. 












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