The Outrageous Infiltration At Nahal Oz Yesterday

UPDATES 8:30 am Israel time, Monday, September 29 2014:

**Today and tomorrow are the tragic anniversary of the massacre of 33,771 Jews of Kiev at Babi Yar ravine in the Ukraine. The massacre was carried out by SS soldiers working with local Ukrainian police. The massacre took place on September 29-30, 1941.

**Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO Fatah terrorists have created a new section on the official Fatah Facebook page to glorify the memory of Zainab Abu Salem, a female suicide bomber from Shechem (Nablus).

A children’s TV show hostess on a channel owned by her wealthy parents, Salem detonated herself at a bus stop on September 22, 2004 killing 2 Israeli border policeman and wounding 30 more Israeli civilians. She is precisely the type of terrorist that the PLO urges Palestinian children to model themselves after.

The two Border policeman who were blown to pieces were Menashe Komemi, a 19-year-old resident of Moshav Aminadav in the Jerusalem area and Momoya Tahio, a 20-year-0ld Ethiopian immigrant from Rehovot. 

**An IHH Turkish terrorist who was on board the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara and who participated in the attack on Israeli soldiers that boarded the vessel, has been killed by an air strike against IS/DAAS in northern Syria.

Yakup Bulent Alniak met his timely end four days ago.


Try to wrap your mind around this.

Nahal Oz, the location of some of the worst events of the recent Hamas war because of the fact that Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Gaza had tunneled under it, was the scene of yet another infiltration yesterday. 

An armed Palestinian terrorist was captured by a security guard and a employee of the Israel Lands Authority near Shokeda, a kibbutz in the Sdot Negev region.

The scene at Shokeda yesterday.

The scene at Shokeda yesterday.

Backtracking, Israeli security personnel determined that the terrorist had entered Israel near Nahal Oz either by tunnel or by simply walking across the border. From there, he had walked 7 km inside Israel to the point where he was captured.

7 kilometers . . . 4.35 miles.  

The incident is outrageous on at least two levels:

1. Where in the world was the IDF?

You may remember that your humble servant reported several weeks ago that on a trip down to the Erez Crossing, he was amazed that he did not see one IDF soldier or vehicle anywhere along the Gaza border.  Apparently this is also the case in the Nahal Oz area.

The IDF has simply vanished leaving the security of the area completely up to local security guards and ordinary citizens. All of Benny Gantz’s talk about having forces between the local kibbutzim and the border was just that: talk. 

2. How did the terrorist cross the border?

Did he come out of yet another tunnel? Did he simply walk across the border? As it turns out, large sections of the Gaza border fence have yet to be rebuilt after the war. Those sections were destroyed by IDF tanks and bulldozers as they exited Gaza. They have not been rebuilt because of “budget constraints” and because civilian fence construction workers have been targeted by Hamas snipers in Gaza.

Once again the border communities are completely exposed–as other Hamas terrorists watching in Gaza undoubtedly found out yesterday.

Once again everyone who remains in the South (nearly half of the families in the Nahal Oz community never returned) knows that their government has abandoned them.

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