“We were really rooting for you guys and hoping that you would wipe out Hamas.”

Special Notice: Your humble servant has been in transit to the United States for the past 24 hours; hence the absence of an israelstreet blog yesterday. Please note that in the coming months israelstreet blogs will appear in the evening Israel time, morning California time. Thank you for your indulgence.

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Tuesday, October 7 2014:

**The events of this morning in the Har Dov (Mt. Dov-Shebaa Farms) area on the Lebanese border remain unclear.


What appears to have happened is that an IDF patrol was hit by an IED. Whether the patrol was on foot or in an armored personnel carrier is unknown, but what is known is that two soldiers were “moderately wounded”, treated on the scene, and evacuated to a nearby hospital.

Of course, this would not be the first time that Hezbollah has attacked along the border using exactly the same method of assault. You will recall that in previous attacks IDF soldiers were killed and their bodies held for ransom.

This current attack follows on the heels of yet another incident on Sunday in which the IDF fired on an undetermined number of infiltrators who had crossed into Israel from Lebanon in the same area.  Apparently, at least one Lebanese infiltrator was wounded. Again, it is unclear whether it was a Lebanese soldier or a Hezbollah terrorist who was wounded.

In other events along the same border, it was reported last week that local residents had hired their own private contractors to search for Hezbollah tunnels, and remarkably, were told to stop the digging by the IDF which declared that such searches should only be carried out by army personnel.  However, following the desultory IDF performance along the Gaza border concerning tunnels, no residents along any border are trusting the IDF General Command any longer.

**Speaking of the Gaza border, more missiles from Gaza were fired at southern Israel two days ago. Zones 230 and 231 were the targets again. And once again, the IDF covered their lack of response by immediately claiming that the incoming missiles were “false alarms”.

This makes 11 missiles that have been fired at Israel since the latest “ceasefire” and 11 missiles which have been termed “false alarms” by the IDF.



As stated in today’s special notice, your humble servant and his wife made the long trip back to the United States yesterday.

Our route took us from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt to Seattle to San Francisco. It was a long day.

And, as always, it was a day full of mixed emotions: sad to be leaving family and friends in Israel, and happy to be coming to family and friends in California.

This was our first trip out of Israel since the July-August war with Hamas, and we were particularly attuned to comments made to us about the situation in the country. But there was one particular comment made by a person yesterday that “made our day.”

It occurred when we went through immigration and customs in Seattle.

When confirming the information on our customs entry card about countries we had visited while out of country, the officer noted that we had been in Israel.

Thereupon this short conversation ensued:

Officer: Where were you in Israel?

Your humble servant: In Ashdod.

Officer: How close is that to Gaza?

Your humble servant: About 25 miles.

Officer: What happened during the war?

Your humble servant: We were on the receiving end of more than 350 missiles in Ashdod.

Officer: Just between you and me, we were really rooting for you guys and hoping that you would wipe out Hamas.

Your humble servant: We were hoping for the same thing.

Officer: We’re glad to have you back. Have a nice day.

“We were really rooting for you guys and hoping that you would wipe out Hamas.” If only our own Israeli government had been listening and had not been so terrified of world reaction.¬†




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