The Unprecedented Corruption and Gall of UNRWA

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Friday, October 10 2014:

**Saudi Arabia continues arming the Arab world. Fresh upon their $3,000,000,000 billion dollar purchase of Russian weapons for Egypt, the Saudis have now ponied up another $3,000,000,000 for a Lebanese purchase of weapons from France. The weapons include three missile boats, attack helicopters, armored vehicles, Exocet missiles, and advanced artillery.

Presumably, Lebanon needs weapons to fight against IS/DAAS which is knocking on its eastern border with Syria, but one can be sure that whatever comes under the authority of the Lebanese Army will also fall under the control of Hezbollah.

**Meanwhile on the Egyptian side of the Gaza border, Egyptian military engineers announced yesterday that they had destroyed another 11 Hamas tunnels.

You may not be keeping score, dear reader, but Egypt has now destroyed more than 1200 tunnels running out of Gaza in the last two years. It is in this context, that the IDF General Command’s claim that the 32 tunnels destroyed during the last war constitute “virtually all” of the tunnels leading into Israel sounds absurd.

**Do you want to know how crazy the Arab world is? Here is the newest conspiracy theory sweeping through the Arab internet courtesy of a Tunisian newspaper:

IS/DAAS is smuggling captured Syrian and Iraqi children–especially the babies of Yazidis, Christians, and Kurds–to Turkey where they are then sold to Israeli childless couples.

Hmm. Let’s see . . . IS/DAAS which has pledged to destroy Israel is working with Turkey which would also like to see the destruction of Israel to increase the number of Israelis.

Unbelievable but believable by the Arab masses.


UNRWA: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

From time to time over the life of this israelstreet blog, we have mentioned the name of the always vile Christopher Gunness, the UNRWA spokesman based in Jerusalem. Gunness, who goes to extraordinary lengths to perpetuate Palestinian misery by promoting UNRWA, was last seen shedding faux tears during the recent Gaza conflict.

A weepy Chris Gunness ridiculously claimed that he didn't know he was crying on international television.

A weepy Chris Gunness ridiculously claimed that he didn’t know he was crying on international television.

Concerning his sobbing at the end of an al-Jazeera interview, Gunness dissembled: 

“For me, it was a moment of private grief. I had no idea it had been broadcast until friends started calling and texting me, [but] if my tears focus attention on the wholesale denial of human dignity in Gaza, then I have no regrets.”

Yesterday, Gunness was at it again.

This time he announced that UNRWA is asking for $1.6 billion dollars to fund its so-called “rehabilitation efforts” in Gaza. According to Gunness, “nearly half” would be used for “rebuilding homes.”

But this was for public consumption.

The actual document being presented to the upcoming donor conference in Cairo specifies that the underlying goal of UNRWA is to reconstruct UNRWA facilities–the same ones in which Hamas stores missiles and fires missiles from.  

Even Gunness was forced to admit that the UNRWA request is remarkable:

“This is the largest single ask in UNRWA’s 64-year history. The figure we are requesting at Cairo is $1.6 billion, which makes this unprecedented.”

Unprecendented corruption and unprecedented gall: these are the characteristics of UNRWA–which should not receive one dollar from donors or anyone else.  

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