The Interview with Avi Biton, Jerusalem Police Commander of the Temple Mount (Part 1): “Are Arabs throwing Molotov cocktails and Jews bowing in prayer the same for you?”

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Sunday, October 12 2014:

**Only 14 out of 23 normal trains are operating on the Jerusalem Light Rail System today.

Why? Because Arab terrorists have damaged 40% of the cars to the point that they are inoperable. Yesterday saw numerous “rock” throwing incidents which traumatized riders and broke windows and doors on the trains. Everyone in Jerusalem knows that every train that passes through Shu’afat, French Hill, and Beit Hanina is being assaulted.

Why aren’t the police guards on the trains and police personnel positioned along the route able to stop the “rock” throwers? For the same reason that the police cannot stop the Arab assaults on the Temple Mount–sheer, unmitigated incompetence. 

**It’s the same old song . . .

The Gaza Donors’ Conference has opened in Cairo to the usual tune of the Chairman of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, lambasting Israel for its “aggression”, “occupation”, and “theft of Palestinian natural resources.”

Abbas then went on to talk about “Palestinian suffering” and was quickly joined by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who lamented that the poor Palestinians are “desperate to see results in their daily lives.”

Israeli aggression, Palestinian victimhood– what is there to do? Well, John Kerry was there and quickly began singing his stale tune of “both sides need to return to the peace talks”.

In the meantime, the U.S. pledged another $212 million to Gaza reconstruction, the Germans $63 million, and British $32 million.

At the moment, however, it is unsure if the immediate goal of $4 billion will be reached. Everyone, except the above countries, knows that all donated money goes straight into the coffers of Hamas.

It is in this context that we should consider the $1 billion dollar donation of Qatar yesterday. The same Qatar that helped initiate the war and sustained Hamas through the war, and ordered Hamas not to accept any ceasefires, now wants to play the role of the good guys. What will the $1 billion be spent on? More missiles and more weapons of every sort. 


As you well know, dear reader, your humble servant has long been a harsh critic of the Jerusalem Police–particularly because of its collusion with the Islamic Wakf on the Har HaBeit (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem. The lengths to which the police go in order to protect Muslim “worshipers” and arrest Jewish worshipers is nauseating.

Senior Police Commander of the Temple Mount: Avi Biton.

Senior Police Commander of the Temple Mount: Avi Biton.

A fascinating interview appeared two days ago between Jerusalem Police Senior Commander Avi Biton and a brilliant reporter for the Maariv newspaper. Biton is the police officer directly responsible for the situation on Mount, and his words speak for themselves. They appear here in your humble servant’s translation of parts of the interview:


Reporter: “What does the Temple Mount mean to you? Does it mean something to you as a Jew?”

Biton: “Of course. It has been the holiest place to the Jewish people since the time that King David purchased it.”

Reporter: “In your eyes, is the Temple Mount an asset or a headache?”

Biton: “There is no doubt that the Temple Mount is the primary powder keg in the country. Nevertheless, the government sees this place as an asset; therefore we need to keep it and take care of it.”

Reporter: “Are you satisfied with the situation on the Mount?”

Biton:   “I am very pleased with the process that began in 2003, when the Temple Mount was opened to the Jews – a process that continues to this day. There are extremists on the Muslim side who are trying to sabotage this process – and by the way, there are also extremists on the Jewish side. Extremists do not like quiet; it does not serve their interests.

Reporter: “Are you comparing the two sides? Are Arabs throwing Molotov cocktails and Jews bowing in prayer the same for you?”

Biton: “The principle is the same principle.”

Reporter: “Would you prefer to keep Jews off the Temple Mount completely?”

Biton: “Absolutely not. I’m a big believer in the process in which Jews go to the Mount . . . [However]  I come from a religious family, and my parents do not go to the Mount because they believe that Jewish law forbids it.”

Reporter: “Do you appreciate the Temple Mount Movement?”

Biton: “Certainly, I appreciate determination, the tenacity,  and their belief generally, but their ends do not always justify their means. They have done many things the wrong way.”

Reporter: “Like what?”

Biton: “ . . . Presenting a distorted picture that the Israeli police do nothing and have failed in our role . . .”


Yet the picture that the Israeli police have failed in their role is not distorted. They have utterly failed. If you take nothing else away from this section of the interview today, remember that for Biton, there is no difference between a Molotov cocktail throwing Muslim terrorist and a Jew attempting to pray.





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