The Interview with Avi Biton, Jerusalem Police Commander of the Temple Mount (Part 2): “Israeli Police Do Not Address Such Questions.”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Monday, October 13 2014:

**The latest drivel from the mouth of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon this morning in Ramallah concerning Muslim riots on the Temple Mount. Referring to Israeli security forces, Moon slimed:

“I am deeply concerned by repeated provocations at the holy sites in Jerusalem. These only inflame tensions and must stop.”

Not that it would make any difference, but perhaps someone should tell Moon that the only holy site in Jerusalem where provocations take place is at the holiest site in Judaism–and the only provocateurs are Muslim terrorists who attempt to stop Jews from going there.

**In the last few hours, Israeli security personnel have finally quelled Muslim riots at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem (Nablus), have been searching for Palestinian terrorists who wounded a father and son in a car near Hebron, and have once again been unable to stop another Arab attack on the Jerusalem Light Rail system.


We continue today with the amazing interview given to a Maariv reporter by Avi Biton, the senior commander of Jerusalem Police who is in charge of the Har HeBeit (Temple Mount). It is even more interesting in light of events of the last 24 hours alluded to above in which there have been repeated clashes between police and Muslim terrorists holed up in the Al-Aqsa Mosque attempting to stop Jews from ascending the Mount.

You may remember that yesterday we had Biton astonishingly declaring that there is no difference between a Muslim throwing Molotov cocktails on the Temple Mount and a Jew attempting to pray there. He then proceeded to criticize the Temple Mount Movement (which seeks freedom of Jewish worship on the Mount) because it presents a distorted picture of the Jerusalem Police by not presenting all of the good things that the police supposedly do.

And so we resume today.


Reporter: What do the police do on the Mount that is so good?

Biton: There are things we need to deal with on the Mount such as groups of Muslim men and women waiting to attack Jews as they enter the Mount. The Mount is not an ideal situation. I was very happy to get to the point where the Temple Mount is open to Jews without Muslims shouting at them . . .

Reporter: But is what you say really true? Jews have been arrested on the Mount recently.

Biton: There are many legal and operational issues. This place has a great impact in more distant circles–such as foreign affairs . . .You must include the rest of the circuit.

Reporter: But it seems that the Muslims have already found the right method for them. They know that once the police close the Mount to Jews, they get a boost and go wild. Could it be that they policy of the police only escalates the situation on the Mount?

Biton: If we were not on the Temple Mount and sensitive to the situation, I assure you that the state of the country’s foreign relations and security situation would be much worse.

Reporter: Do you understand the frustration of the Temple Mount Movement?

Biton: Of course I understand it–I did not land here from Mars. I pray at the synagogues during the holidays, and I am a Jew in every respect. Do you think that it doesn’t hurt me to see Jews come up the mountain and be yelled at?

Reporter: But you are not a therapist. Why don’t you treat Muslims who violate the rules the same way that you treat the Jews?

Biton: Israeli police do not address such questions. Treatment should be consistent. It is very easy to complain about us, but the responsibility of the place is held by other parties as well.

Reporter: Do you ever say that the Temple Mount movement is right?

Biton: I really think that a strange situation has been created. On one hand we have the holiest site in Judaism but on the other hand Jews cannot worship there. In addition, the time that Jews can be on the Mount is limited. Of course, there is a strange situation there, but it’s the status quo and we have to enforce it.  . . Ultimately, we police have to enforce the policy whether we like it or not. I receive my instructions from the Minister of Public Security Isaac Aharonovitz.

Reporter: Speaking of Aharonovitz, he sent you a letter ordering the cessation of soccer games on the Temple Mount because of its holiness. The Israel Supreme Court confirmed the order. So why haven’t you stopped them from playing?

Biton: In the law, it is forbidden to steal, but does that mean theft? It is forbidden by law to drive without a license, so do only people with licenses drive? Besides, what do you expect me to do? Do I make it a criminal point that ten children are playing soccer on the Mount?

Reporter: It is very simple. Jewish groups on the Mount must obey the rules; I would expect Arab boys to do the same.

Biton: I have talked to the Wakf about this and asked them if it is appropriate for kids to play soccer at the third holiest site in Islam. But the Wakf has its limitations.


Really, how does one even begin to respond to all of Biton’s ramblings?

He considers it a great achievement that Jews are not yelled at when they climb the Mount, when in reality they are yelled at, cursed at, and spit at Muslim men and women all the time.

He doesn’t think it is the responbility of the police to apply the rules equally. If the police want to arrest and detain Jews for attempting to worship on the Mount, that is the business of the police. If the Muslims break the rules by playing soccer on the Mount, it is not the police’s responsibility to stop it.

He thinks that his friends in the Islamic Wakf are hamstrung by limitations that prohibit them from enforcing religious standards on the Mount–but fails to address the fact that the Wakf has turned over the Mount to a Hamas that uses the Al-Aqsa Mosque as its headquarters for terror.

Stop and think about all of this for a moment. Is it really any surprise that the situation on the Mount has spiraled out of control?

We have a police commander who can’t see the difference between a Muslim trying to hit someone with a Molotov cocktail and a Jew attempting to pray in his holiest place. We have a commander who doesn’t believe it is his responsibility to apply equal treatment to Muslims and Jews. We have a police commander who sees himself as a foreign affairs diplomat who is free to ignore pronouncements of the Minister of Public Security and the Israel Supreme Court.

It is truly an amazing situation.

Tomorrow we will finish with part 3 of this interview. Again, your humble servant would like to praise Maariv for this interview.

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