The Only Thing That Arabs Respect Is Power

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Friday, October 24 2014:

–>Just as the Obama Administration cannot bring itself to call any incident of Muslim terrorism in the United States or elsewhere “terrorism”, so can it not bring itself to call Muslim terrorism in Israel terrorism. Here is the memo sent out immediately to U.S. Consulate* employees following the terrorist attack in Jerusalem two days ago that killed 3-month-old Chaya Braun:

As of 2105 hrs Reports of unrest/demos in many EJ neighborhoods all related to earlier traffic incident hear french hill. avoid demos, report any emergency to post

We have now reached the Orwellian reality in which a brutal terrorist event is termed a “traffic incident” in order to mask the truth.

–>Israel’s so-called “Justice” Minister, Tzipi Livni had more ridiculous rants yesterday concerning Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of the Economy.

You may recall that during the recent war with Hamas, it was Bennett who traveled to the front upon discovering that so-called “Defense” Ya’alon was obscuring the truth about the tunnel threat to Israel. Afterwards, Bennett sharply criticized Ya’alon and the IDF General Command for their actions.

In part of her rant yesterday, Livni declared “When Bennett says publicly that army top brass and our defense minister are weak while the war is taking place, it is detrimental to our deterrent capability.”

Actually Livni has it exactly backwards: what Bennett had to say did not affect Israel’s deterrence at all. What affects Israel’s deterrence is the fact that Ya’alon and the IDF’s “top brass” are weak. 

–>According to the report of a security unit operating on the Mount of Olives, there were 398 incidents of terrorism on the Mount during the month of September alone. These incidents include shooting, “rocks”, and Molotov cocktails. Also listed are continuous attempts to vandalize, steal, and destroy Jewish tombstones. In sum, there are about 13 terrorist attacks each day.

*Remember that the U.S. Embassy is in Tel Aviv–the Consulate is in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. Is there any other country in the world in which the U.S. refuses to put its Embassy in that country’s capital?


Israeli officials continue making bombastic statements about stopping terrorism in Jerusalem while Arab terrorists continue throwing Molotov cocktails at police and Jewish homes, throwing rocks at Jews and Israeli motorists, and burning tires and other objects in roads all over the city. 

Here is a brief list of 20 terrorist attacks in the capital yesterday (remember that 13 happen everyday on the Mt. of Olives alone):

5:20 am: Arab terrorists threw “rocks” at the light rail in Shuafat.

8:4o am: More than a dozen Arab terrorists threw “rocks” at the entrance to Issawiya.

9:00 am: Arab terrorists attacked a kindergarten on the Mt. of Olives with “rocks”.

11:17 am: An Arab terrorist attacked a Border Security Guard at a bus checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem from Gush Etzion.

1:06 pm: Arab terrorists threw “rocks” at motorists on Highway 1 near Abu Ghosh.

1:33 pm: Egged bus driver wounded by “rock” throwing Arabs near Gethsemane on the Mt. of Olives. Bus also damaged.

1:40 pm: Arab terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at the entrance to Ehud.

1:50 pm: Arab terrorists threw “rocks” at vehicles on a Jerusalem bypass road.

2:40 pm: Arab terrorists threw “rocks” and set fire to tires on Route 60 near the entrance to Jerusalem.

2:41 pm: Arab terrorists in Jerusalem throw “rocks” at police in Bet Mukhaber neighborhood.

3:32 pm: Arab terrorists throw “rocks” at Jews near the Chain Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

4:07 pm: Arab terrorists attack Ehud for the second time today with “rocks”.

5:15 pm: Arab terrorists throw “rocks” at Wadi Joz wounding Israeli motorist.

5:35 pm: Arab terrorists attack Shuafat Light Rail stop for the second time today.

9:26 pm: Arab terrorists firebombed Moskowitz house.

9:26 pm: Arab terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at police.

9:55 pm: Arab terrorists throw Molotov cocktails at Wadi Joz.

11:07 pm: Arab terrorists throw Molotov cocktail at Jewish home in the Old City.

11:13 pm: Arab terrorists throw Molotov cocktails at Jewish homes in Yuri.

These are the Arab riots of the 1920’s and 1930’s all over again. What is amazing is that the Israeli government allows them to continue.

What will it take to restore calm? Making humanitarian gestures to the Arabs is certainly not the answer–as anyone knows who lives in Israel: “if you offer an Arab your little finger, he will take your whole hand”.

Unfortunately, the only thing that Arabs respect is power. Israel needs to put a curfew in place in every place where violence is taking place, and place an overwhelming number of security personnel on every street and street corner that will forcibly interact with every Arab terrorist that they see.


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