Saturday Updates: From Missile Fire to the Theater of the Absurd

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UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Saturday, November 1 2014:

Missile launch from Gaza (Photo: Reuters).

Missile launch from Gaza (Photo: Reuters).

—>Another missile struck southern Israel yesterday–at least the 15th since the latest ceasefire with Hamas went into effect about two months ago. This one was impossible for the IDF to dismiss because not only was a picture made of the launch, but also another picture was made of the missile impact location in the Eshkol region.

There was no incoming missile alarm or warning or any type. Apparently the IDF warning sirens were completely turned off. 

But never fear, the IDF spokesman came up with two more ludicrous reasons for the IDF doing nothing in response. This time, the spokesman said that IDF cannot determine if it was a “real rocket” or merely an “experimental one that was test-fired” out of Gaza. More than this, the IDF cannot determine who shot the missile.

Can you even believe this? What in the world difference does it make? A missile fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza exploded in southern Israel. Period.

Chaim Yellin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council, said much the same thing this afternoon in the process of blasting the IDF for its “do-nothing” attitude:

“We do not care who shoots, Hamas or rogue organizations, we require a military response against rocket attacks on Israeli citizens . . . The hourglass has been turned for the next war. Today it is a cluster of rockets [in Eshkol], tomorrow Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and the military and political administration must respond.”

—>Egyptian Army officials revealed a 1700 meter (1.06 miles) tunnel the Army discovered in the last few days while creating a buffer zone between Gaza and the Egyptian Sinai. The tunnel contained a huge number of weapons, explosives, communications equipment, and Egyptian army uniforms.

The Egyptians believe it was this tunnel that terrorists used to enter Egypt and escape back into Gaza following the recent attacks that killed more than 30 Egyptian soldiers.

—>In the latest act in the theater of the absurd, it was announced yesterday that a Palestinian delegation will be arriving in Washington, D.C. next week after the congressional elections for “high-level talks” aimed at restarting the “peace talks” with Israel. According to reports, John Kerry wants to discuss how to end the upsurge of violence in eastern Jerusalem. 

What a joke. Here we have Kerry going to the very people who are inciting the violence to find out how the violence can be diminished.

By the way, Al Quds has reported today that the new U.S. proposal has three points:

1. Israel will cease all construction in the “West Bank” and in “east Jerusalem”.

2. The peace talks will be resumed from the point they ended in April.

3. The Palestinians will “suspend” their effort at the U.N. to obtain a Security Council resolution calling for an Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice Lines.

All of this is nothing new.


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