The U.S. Midterm Elections: What They Mean For Israel

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, November 5 2014:

—>The Palestinian Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem this afternoon has resulted in the death of an Israeli Border Guard and the critical wounding of 4 more Israelis. 

The van that was used in the attack.

The van that was used by the terrorist. The attack was almost an exact replay of the attack several weeks ago.

At around 12:45 pm this afternoon, a Hamas terrorist drove his van into a crowd of people waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail train station in eastern Jerusalem at the Shimon HaTzaddik stop. He then proceeded to drive down the rails hitting two more groups of people. When his van finally came to a stop, he jumped out and began attacking those around him with a crowbar. He was finally shot dead by an Israeli Border Guard.

The dead Border Guard was a 38-year-old Israeli Druze from Beit Jann. Captain Jadan Assad was the father of a three year old son, and his wife is expecting their second.

The terrorist is a member of Hamas from Shuafat. His brother was one of the Hamas terrorists let go in the Gilad Shalit terrorist release several years ago.

Late this afternoon Hamas issued this statement: “We praise this heroic operation, and we call for more . . .  [This operation was] “in revenge for al-Aqsa and for the blood of those who guard Al-Aqsa.”

Revenge for what? Blood of whom? Israel has done nothing but kowtow to the Islamic Wakf on the Temple Mount.

—>Egypt announced today that it has cancelled its trade agreement with Turkey. According to the terms of that agreement, Turkish ships offloaded their cargoes at the Port of Alexandria at which time those cargoes were transferred to trucks and other ships for transport to the Gulf States.

However, the open hatred between Egyptian President Sisi and Turkish PM Erdogan shows no sign of abating any time soon.

Unbelievably, there is talk in Israel today of Haifa replacing Alexandria as the port of transfer for Turkish goods. Why Israel would ever agree to convey Turkish products anywhere is a mystery to your humble servant. There are few places in the world that more actively work for the destruction of Israel than Turkey. 


Israelstreet would be amiss not to comment on the results of the U.S. elections yesterday.

As a devout non-partisan, your humble servant would always hope that support for Israel would be bipartisan, but the simple fact is that because of Obama’s influence, Democratic support for Israel seems to have slightly waned during his term in office.  

Obama Adminstration policy regarding Israel has often been misguided and downright destructive. In particular, the Obama Administration attempt to ram a peace agreement with the PLO down Israel’s throat while trying to undermine the democratically elected government of Israel has been abominable.

In the absence of a friend in the White House, the real source of Israel support in Washington has been the U.S. Congress. In the last six years, that support has even more specifically emanated from the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is in this context that israelstreet welcomes the fact that the Republican majority in the House was increased by at least 12 seats and that the Republicans have wrested control of the Senate away from the Democrats. Even more than this, the Republican gubernatorial sweep in not only “red” (Republican) states, but also “blue” (Democratic) states was breathtaking.

There is very little way to look at yesterday’s results without reaching the conclusion that Americans were voting to repudiate many of Obama’s policies both at home and abroad.

Insofar as Israel is concerned:

Does this mean that Israel delegitimizers such as J Street will lose their voice in the Oval Office? Of course not.

Does this mean that Kerry will stop trying to force concessions from Israel in his messianic pursuit of peace? Of course not.

Does this mean that Obama won’t deny weapons to Israel should another war break out with Hamas in Gaza? Of course not.

But what it does mean is that support for Israel is stronger than it has been for some time in the U.S. Congress, and perhaps that support will cause Obama and his minions to think twice before they continue their reckless pursuit of rapprochement with Iran, their embrace of state sponsors of terror like Turkey and Qatar, and their support for Palestinian terrorists like Mahmoud Abbas. 



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