Communist and Islamophile Federica Mogherini Returns To Ramallah and Gaza

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Saturday, November 8 2014:

—>There have been riots throughout the Galilee region today following the killing of an Israeli-Arab young man by police during a riot in Kafr Kana.

According to a video seen by your humble servant, the man ran toward a police vehicle brandishing a knife with which he proceeded to attempt to smash the windshield of the vehicle. Then he turned his attention to banging his knife on the door which he tried to open.  At this point, the police opened the door and fired on him as he turned away.

—>In what has to be one of the most moronic statements ever made by a person who is accustomed to making moronic statements, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry uttered the following in Beijing today concerning Obama’s secret communication with Ayatollah Khamenei:

“No conversation, no agreement, no exchange, nothing, has created any kind of deal or agreement with respect to any of the events that are at stake in the Middle East. There is no linkage whatsoever of the nuclear discussions with any other issue, and I want to make that absolutely clear. The nuclear negotiations are on their own.”

The sheer idiocy of this statement is underscored by Obama’s letter itself which linked the talks to the U.S. joining forces with Iran to fight Islamic State. And to say that the talks with Iran have no connection to issues with Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries is simply breathtaking. 


New EU Foreign Minister Federico Mogherini in a fond embrace with her friend in Paris back in August during Gaza ceasefire talks.

New EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini in a fond embrace with her friend in Paris back in August during Gaza ceasefire talks.

Because her name will now begin to regularly appear in every anti-Israel media outlet in the world, Federica Mogherini is the subject of today’s blog. As you may or may not know, Mogherini replaced the Baroness Buffoon Catherine Ashton as the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy as of November 1. In effect, she became the E.U. Foreign Minister.

It is a job for which she, like Ashton before her, is particularly unqualified.

A short bio:

Born in Rome in 1973, Mogherini is the daughter of Italian film director Flavio Mogherini. By the age of 15, Mogherini had joined the Italian Communist Party.  She attended Sapienza University in Rome eventually receiving a political science diploma; her thesis was “The Relationship between Religion and Politics in Islam.” According to all accounts, Mogherini fell in love with Islam while at Sapienza.

As the Italian Communist Party morphed into the Social Democrat Party, Mogherini morphed with it but eventually (in 2001) was named to the National Council of a new party, the Democrats of the Left.  One year later she was in Ramallah meeting with her hero:

This fuzzy picture of Mogherini with Arafat remained prominently displayed on Facebook page until recently.

This fuzzy picture of Mogherini with Arafat remained prominently displayed on Facebook page until recently (picture:

From 2003-2007, Mogherini was responsible for “international movements” and foreign affairs of Democrats of the Left party. In 2008, she was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies representing Veneto and unbelievably became Secretary of the Defense Committee.

Fast forward to this year. In July, Italy submitted her name to the EU for consideration as Foreign Minister. Her candidacy was immediately opposed by Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland because of her love of Russia (remember her days in the Communist Party). These countries especially find her implicit support of Russia in its takeover of part of the Ukraine as “inappropriate”.

Nevertheless, she was chosen by the European Union, and assumed office on November 1st.

Is it any wonder that six days later the 41-year-old Communist and Islamophile Mogherini showed up in Israel on Thursday and immediately made her way to Ramallah and Gaza–following in her own footsteps of twelve years before.

And, is it any wonder that we heard this statement from Mogherini this morning as she stood in the Palestinian state of Gaza:

“We need a Palestinian state – that is the ultimate goal and this is the position of all the European Union . . . We cannot just sit and wait . . . We have to have action now.”



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