The Bottom Line on the Ashkelon Decision Today

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Thursday, November 20 2014:

—>A brief summary of Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours: “rock” and Molotov cocktail throwing at Israelis near Joseph’s Tomb southeast of Shechem (Nablus); an attempted stabbing of a Jewish man on Prophets Street in Jerusalem; 6o masked terrorists attacked Israelis at the entrance to Yitzhar; clashes with police in Silwan; an Arab-Israeli policeman was wounded in the Negev; 200 terrorists threw “rocks” at buses near Hebron; fighting with Israeli police in Al-Ram; Molotov cocktails thrown near Itamar in Samaria . . .

We could go on and on. The point is that the Israel Police statement today that “violence is declining” is unadulterated nonsense.

—>Six missiles have been fired out of Gaza toward the Mediterranean in the last 24 hours, but IDF has announced that we are not to worry because Hamas is merely “testing” new missiles to use in the next war.

Not to worry?

By the way, if you can believe Hamas spokesmen today, Gaza is on the verge of an “explosion” because of the ever-increasing Egyptian efforts to seal off the Egyptian border. The terrorists in Gaza are particularly incensed that their primary form of livelihood, smuggling via Rafah, has ground to a nearly complete halt.

—>It has been reported by the police today that the running over of IDF soldiers in Gush Etzion two weeks ago was indeed a terrorist event.

You may recall that the police were loathe to call it terrorism and claimed, unbelievably in concert with the terrorist, that it was all an accident.

Now we find out what we always knew.

More than this, the police report on the stabbing murder of Dalia Lemkos in Gush Etzion last week has been released. You may recall that Dalia died after having been stabbed in the neck by a terrorist.

It turns out that Dalia was not merely stabbed in the neck; she was stabbed 15 times by the terrorist.

—>The hilarious story of the morning: Qatar has announced that it wants to receive 20,000 workers from the Palestinian state in Gaza to help alleviate poverty and unemployment there.

What a joke. 

Your humble servant can assure you that each and every Palestinian that Qatar takes out of Gaza is already earmarked for the numerous Qatari terrorist enterprises throughout the Middle East and Africa. 


A demonstration of Israeli-Arabs in Haifa yesterday. Note the PLO flag.

A demonstration of Israeli-Arabs in Haifa yesterday. Note the PLO flag.

The main subject of discussion in Israel today is the decision of Itamar Shimoni, the mayor of Ashkelon. Here was his announcement:

“Despite the fact that the deployment of security guards is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security, I decided to place armed guards in each cluster of preschools (40 preschools) close to construction sites employing Arab workers, starting tomorrow morning. Also, in kindergartens that are currently having protected spaces built by Arab workers, that work is suspended until further notice.”

Shimoni went on to say that the new armed guards are being funded by a private donor in Ashkelon, and that the prohibition on Arab workers working on protected spaces (aka “bomb shelters”) is temporary until the tension in the country calms down.

A demonstration of Israeli-Arabs in Tel Aviv today. Note the Palestinian flags. Is it any wonder that Israelis are very leery of Israeli Arabs?

A demonstration of Israeli-Arabs in Tel Aviv today. Note the Palestinian flags. Is it any wonder that Israelis are very leery of Israeli Arabs?

Nevertheless, Israeli leaders have rushed like sheep to condemn Shimoni as a “racist”. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni called on Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to investigate Ashekelon. Internal Minister Gilad Erdan ordered officials from his ministry to check the legality of Shimoni’s order. Yair Lapid chimed in: “The calls today to not employ Arabs in the State of Israel are racist.” PM Netanyahu offered this: “We cannot generalize an entire community because of a violent and enflamed minority. The vast majority of Israeli Arab citizens are law abiding, and we act decisively and firmly against those who break the law.”

Netanyahu is undoubtedly correct, but where are the Israeli-Arab leaders condemning the current round of violence? They are nowhere to be seen or heard as their people march in the streets with PLO flags.

Here is the bottom line on the Ashkelon situation.

The construction of bomb shelters is under the aegis of the Israel Defense Department. That department is supposed to ensure that only Israeli-Arabs work on the sites. Israeli-Arabs, just like all other Israelis, have a blue identification card.

However, everyone knows that the contractors that the Israel Defense Department hires to carry out such work do not follow the rules; they hire not only Israeli-Arabs but also Palestinian Arabs who are in the country illegally (note that Shimoni’s order did not specifically mention “Israeli-Arabs”)

This situation extends to construction sites throughout Israel. Almost everywhere you look there are Palestinians–both legal (with orange cards) and illegal–working and living in the country. Nowhere is this more evident than in places like Ashkelon and Ashdod. Because of the fact that these cities have an almost nonexistent Arab population, Arabs particularly stand out. 

For example, there are anywhere from 50 to 100 illegal Palestinians living in your humble servant’s neighborhood in Ashdod at any one time. The contractors bring in the workers illegally, deposit them at the construction site, and then leave them there for months until the construction is finished. In the meantime, the illegal Palestinians are free to walk around the neighborhood, shop at supermarkets, go to the beach, and generally do whatever residents of the area do. It is a crazy and dangerous situation. 

Who knows when the next terrorist attack will occur?

While Israeli leaders have rushed to condemn Ashkelon, other municipalities are following in Shimoni’s footsteps today by instituting their own restrictions. In Ashdod, Mayor Yechiel Lasry announced today that there will now be increased security guards at kindergartens and nursery schools, roving security patrols in the city involving police and parents of children, and daily examinations of workers at construction sites for proper identification.

In Kiryat Ono, the mayor’s office announced:

“As of today, there there is no entry for employees who do not carry blue Israeli ID Cards. Employees with orange ID cards will not enter our city. We will have no tolerance for contractors who disrespect our procedures. They will stop work until further notice. We have ordered police tours of urban construction sites and compounds to check identity cards, as well previous criminal convictions. These decision were made in full cooperation with the Israeli police and will be under the supervision and close monitoring of the Director of Emergency and Security in the municipality.” 

We have reached an unfortunate situation in Israel where no Arab (other than Druze and some Beduins) is trusted–neither Israeli-Arabs nor Palestinians.

Your humble servant finds it difficult to blame the mayors of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Ono, and other municipalities for trying to protect their citizens–particularly since our Israeli government seems incapable of doing so.    




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