Ban ki-Moon: A Cretinous, Duplicitous Simpleton

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Friday, November 21 2014:

—>For a Friday, it has been fairly quiet in Jerusalem. And why not? As a reward for Palestinian terrorism this week, the government and Jerusalem Police have removed all restrictions on Muslims worshiping on the Temple Mount. Muslim men of any age are free to come and go as they like. Jews of course are prohibited.

—>As noted in the breaking news ticker in the right hand column, violent riots have been the order of the day in Judea and Samaria.

In the last hour, there has been more rioting in Silwan, a suspicious bag left by a Palestinian has forced the evacuation of a police station in Kfar Saba, and 2 Palestinian terrorists have been captured in the Eshkol region after crossing the Gaza Border fence.

—>The Jordanian government, whom we Israelis seem so bent on preserving because it is our “partner in peace”, added insult to injury today. Following the massacre in the synagogue a few days ago, Jordanian Parliament members stood for a minute of silence in remembrance of the terrorists who slaughtered the rabbis.

Today, the Jordanian Prime Minister sent a letter of condolence to the terrorist families.

—>A new salary scale for IDF soldiers has been published that will go into effect in January:

*IDF combat soldiers will see their pay rise from 860 shekels to 1075 shekels a month (about $280)

*IDF non-combat soldiers will see their pay rise from 433 to 539 shekels a month (about $140)

Can you believe that the men and women tasked with defending this country are being asked to live on such paltry amounts of money? Your humble servant thinks that the pay situation is scandalous.


The U.N. Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon, who never misses an opportunity to undermine Israel.

The U.N. Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon, who never misses an opportunity to undermine Israel.

Another deadline on the Iranian nuclear weapons talks is about to come and go. November 24th which was the new July 21st is about to give way to a date sometime in March.

The Iranians, who have expertly played the P5+1 for the fools that they are, are about to succeed at what they have been succeeding for more than 12 years–stalling the impotent West while their nuclear program develops and their centrifuges continue spinning.

The West, led by the ever incompetent United States, has made concession after concession to the Iranians. You may remember that back in July, the U.S. agreed to unblock $2.8 billion dollars in frozen Iranian funds in U.S. banks. What did the U.S. get in return? The promise of more “negotiations”.

It is in this tired context of forever stalled and failed negotiations, that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon entered the scene yesterday with a brilliant solution.

Moon issued this statement:

“The Secretary-General calls on all participants to demonstrate the necessary flexibility, wisdom and determination to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion that meets the concerns and interests of all sides.”

Yes, that’s it! Why didn’t everyone think of this before?  All the West has to do is to be flexible, wise, and determined and, voila!, we’ll have a successful conclusion that makes everyone (translated: Iran) happy.

How simple.

Just like Moon himself who is a cretinous, duplicitous simpleton (and yes, simpletons can be duplicitous) who delights in flying around the world and hobnobbing with the rich and infamous.

As Moon knows perfectly well, during the last 12 years of fruitless negotiations, the West has shown nothing but idiotic flexibility in the face of stubborn Iranian adherence to its goal of producing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.

And so, when the announcement comes in a few days that the West has caved and extended the talks once again, and we know that Iran has won again and that their nuclear weapon is closer than ever, none of us should be surprised.

Nor should we be surprised that they’ll be jumping up and down for joy in the Secretary General’s office.  

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