The P5+1 Gives Iran Time To Finish Its Nuclear Weapons Program

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, November 24 2014:

—>Security updates today:

*Fifteen minutes ago, a 45 year old yeshiva student was stabbed in the chest while walking near the Tower of David just inside the Jaffa Gate in the Old City in Jerusalem. He has been rushed to Sha’are Zedek Medical Center in what paramedics describe as “serious condition.”

*One hour ago, a policeman at Kikar Adam was wounded by Arab while conducting a traffic stop. The extent of his wounds remain unknown at this hour.

*Thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in an apartment in Nazareth this afternoon. Two Arab-Israeli suspects have been arrested.

—>Rabbi Yehuda Glick was released from the hospital today after a miraculous recovery from the four bullet wounds that ripped into him fired by a would-be assassin. 

With his release has come the publication of this hit list:

These people are now all targets.

These people are now all targets.

The above poster, in which the captions under the pictures have the peoples’ names written in Arabic and the bottom portion in Hebrew, is a warning that anyone who disturbs the Al-Aksa Mosque will end up shot like Glick. Many of the people in the pictures are members of Glick’s Temple Mount movement.

Who published this threat is unclear though it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that it is a collaboration between terrorists and leftist Israelis. 

—>Benjamin Netanyahu, as is always the case, has backed down again.

Just as we have seen him repeatedly announce new construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria only to pull the rug out from under such construction days or weeks later, so this morning has he agreed to postpone the “Israel nation-state” law that he so adamantly pushed through his Cabinet yesterday.

The rancorous shouting match between him and the Livni/Lapid block that marked yesterday’s meeting has given way to peaceful compromise today. Netanyahu has his own watered-down version of the bill now–and it is a version that has taken out anything that Livni and Lapid could possibly find objectionable.


As reported on israelstreet days ago, the Iranian talks are now being extended–this time apparently for 7 more months.

Actually, there are apparently going to be two new deadline dates:

March 1 2015 for “settling the deal”  (and)

July 1 2015 for “fleshing out the details of the deal”

And to sweeten the deal for Iran . . . hold your breath . . . the P5+1 (read the Obama Administration and John Kerry) has agreed to provide Iran $700 million per month in “sanctions relief”.

Let’s restate all of this.

The Iranian nuclear weapons development program will continue running full bore for at least another seven months after which time Iran will almost certainly have a nuclear bomb or bombs (your humble suggested almost a year ago that they probably already have “dirty suitcase” bombs). Some of the sanctions against Iran will remain in place, but the West will pay Iran money to ease the impact of the sanctions.

Say what?

It is all an absurd joke.  As we all know, the Obama Adminstration and its cohorts in the P5+1 never had any real intention of stopping the Iranian nuclear program–and even if they had an inkling of such an intention 12 years ago when this “negotiations” farce began, they never possessed the will to see that intention fulfilled.

The only question left is “what Israel will do?”

And the answer is nothing more than is being done already. Israel does not possess the capability to attack Iran’s nuclear program militarily. We will probably continue to carry out secret missions to disable parts of the program as we have the ability to do so.



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