Keep Quiet, Keep To Yourselves, and Don’t Provoke!

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Tuesday, November 25 2014:

—>The international community has happily swept the Iranian nuclear program under the rug for another seven months. There has been hardly a peep from any leader about the absurdity of allowing Iran to continue on the road to developing nuclear weapons.

Of course, seven months should be plenty of time for Iran to produce nuclear weapons.

—>The PLO dissembled today that the “Israel Nation-State Law” should be condemned because it is a “falsification of history” which contradicts the “Palestinian historical narrative.”

This from a terrorist organization that endlessly proclaims that there is no Jewish history  whatsoever in Israel.

—>The United States State Department warned Israel today about the danger of passing the “Israel Nation-State Law”. State Department Spokesman Jeff Rathke proclaimed from the State Department podium:

“This is the beginning of a process, and so I don’t want to speculate on the outcome. It would be our general view…that we would expect any final legislation to continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles. The United State’s position, which is unchanged, has been clear for years, and the president and the secretary have also reiterated it, is that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state in which all citizens should enjoy equal rights.”

Funny. Really funny.

The United States erupts in racial demonstrations all night last night following the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri–demonstrations that are all about the fact that African Americans in the United States do not feel that they enjoy equal rights–and the U.S. State Department feels free to lecture Israel about equal rights.

Naftali Bennett had this to say to the State Department this afternoon:

“I say to the Americans, Israel’s affairs will be managed by us. We have to deal with what kind of state we want. Ultimately, it’s our problem. It’s an internal problem and I don’t think anyone else has the right to get involved.”


Perhaps it is just the residue from centuries of living as a vulnerable minority among a hostile majority. Perhaps it is just some perversion in the Jewish DNA that aims to accommodate and mollify those who are our enemies.

Whatever its source, the message that many Jewish leaders have sent to their fellow Jews through the centuries has been:  “If you just keep quiet and keep to yourselves, everything will be all right. Above all, don’t provoke.” It is a message that has led to one disaster after another as our people have been thrown out of countries and rounded up and killed in pograms and concentration camps.

The message still, however, resonates today.

We see it all around us here in California. We saw it earlier this week in southern California at UCLA where Jewish students following the lead of J Street decided that it was better to shrink back into the shadows than to stand in public and oppose the BDS movement. We have seen it in northern California where the Jewish community in Sacramento allowed itself to be cowed by Muslim anti-Israel protestors into changing Israel Independence Day into Jewish Heritage Day.

We see it all over the world everyday as Jews are urged by their leaders not to wear any clothing that identifies them as Jews and to keep to themselves.

Amazingly, we continue to receive the message from some of our leaders in Israel. Today we had two glaring examples.

To begin with, we all have been exposed to the pathetic spectacle of Israel’s Chief of Police, Commissioner Yahanan Danino, lamenting the decision of “right wing officials”, specifically Moshe Feiglin, to go to the Temple Mount. Speaking at a conference in Sderot of all places, the impotent Danino whined:

“It was a mistake to allow him to visit the Temple Mount. We have seen and identified, since the last election, radical right-wing elements which have made a priority out of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. To them we say – stay away from the Temple Mount.”

Danino’s message is clear: “Don’t exercise your rights as a Jew. Mollify the Arabs. Stay away from the Mount.”

It is a message that has brought Jerusalem to the brink of warfare. Government policies facilitated by the Jerusalem Police have enabled the Islamic Wakf to exert ever-increasing control over the Temple Mount. It is no surprise that for the last year–long before Moshe Feiglin ever went to the Mount–gangs of Muslim thugs have attacked Jews and have succeeded in closing down the Mount to Jews on Jewish holidays.

For Danino to label a Jew as “radical right-wing” because he merely wants to exercise his Jewish religion freely in a place under Israeli sovereignty is abhorrent.

Second, we have all been exposed today to the media spectacle of President Reuven Rivlin disinviting Israeli singer Amir Benayoun from an event at the President’s House because of a song that he has written entitled “Ahmed Loves Israel.” To hear Rivilin tell it, the song is extremely racist and inciteful. 

Here are the lyrics that Rivlin found offensive:

Salaam Aleikum, my name is Ahmed.

I reside in Jerusalem, I study at the University a thing or two.
There’s no one like me that enjoys both worlds
Today I am moderate and smiling
Tomorrow I’ll fly up to Heaven
Sending a Jew or two to Hell.

It’s true I’m just a plain slimy ingrate
It is true but I’m not guilty as my childhood was loveless
It’s true that moment you turn your back to me
Then I’ll bring down on it a sharpened hatchet.

My name is Ahmed
I live in the country’s center.
I work right next to a kindergarten
And behind it some cooking gas balloons.
There’s no one like me that enjoys both worlds
Today I’ll be me
And tomorrow they’ll be not,
Many many of them will not be.

It’s true I’m just a plain slimy ingrate
It is true but I’m not guilty as my childhood was loveless
It’s true that moment you turn your back to me
Then I’ll shoot straight into it.

Permit your humble servant to state the obvious.

The song is about a terrorist named Ahmed who pretends to be moderate, but longs to go to heaven by virtue of killing Jews. Ahmed calls himself a “slimy ingrate” because he enjoys the good things about Israeli society such as going to a university while plotting about blowing up gas tanks beside a kindergarten.

Does Ahmed consider himself guilty? Of course not because his “childhood was loveless”. In other words, Ahmed has completely internalized the leftist nonsense that his “deprived childhood” justifies his terrorism.

Is this song racist? Does it incite to violence? Does it accuse all Israeli-Arabs of being terrorists? Your humble servant thinks not. It seems to me that the song is a brilliant look into the mind of an Arab terrorist.

But Reuven Rivlin’s message is clear: “Keep quiet. Don’t exercise your free speech. Above all, don’t provoke.”

It is a recipe for disaster.


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