Open Your Umbrellas–Inside Your House!

UPDATES 8 pm Israel time, Wednesday, November 26 2014:

—>It was announced today that another 8000 Palestinian construction workers will be allowed into Israel–including for the first time in years– hundreds of workers from Gaza.

This will bring to nearly 100,000 the number of Palestinians now sleeping, working, and potentially carrying out terrorism in the country. 

—>In a grand humanitarian gesture today, Egypt has agreed to open the Rafah Crossing today for thousands of Gazans.

There is only one small problem.

The Crossing is only open one-way.  

Gazans “will be allowed to return” to Gaza, but no Gazans will be allowed out of Gaza into Egypt. In other words, Egypt is more than happy to get rid of Palestinians currently living in Egypt.


The story in Israel today is the weather.

Half of the average amount of rain for an entire year has fallen in the last 24 hours in what is being described as the heaviest winter storm in 20 years.

There has been snow on Mt. Hermon, 50 mm of rain on the northern Golan Heights, and 30 mm in the Galilee. The Sharon region was inundated with 38 mm of rain; there was 40 mm in Bat Yam, 50 mm in Rishon Lezion, 42 mm in Jerusalem, and 32 mm in Kiryat Gat. It is fair statement that a large part of the country is flooded, and that structures all over the country from houses to apartment buildings to businesses are leaking.

It is still raining.

Here are some pictures that tell the story  (all are taken from there are no personal attributions available but thanks to the picture-takers):

A soldier in white-out conditions on Mt. Hermon this morning.

A soldier in white-out conditions on Mt. Hermon this morning.

A picture from a small community between Ashdod and Ashkelon:


A large rain cloud near Tel Aviv:


A stairway in Jerusalem turned into a waterfall:


An empty field:


A leaky yeshiva:


Even in Gaza:


The good news about floods in Gaza of course is that the tunnels are being flooded as well as the streets!


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