Israeli “Human Rights” Organizations Rush To Protect The Terrorists And Their Families



UPDATES 8 pm Israel time, Thursday, November 27 2014:

—>Security Updates:

*In the last 15 minutes, a policewoman has been run over in Bat Yam in a suspected terrorist incident. There is no further information at this time.

*Shin Bet has announced the capture of a Hamas terror cell consisting of 30 terrorists operating in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. The headquarters of the cell are in Turkey where the terrorists had trained before returning to Israel. The cell had developed extensive plans for a large scale terrorist attack at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem and on the Jerusalem Light Rail system.

*A major attack occurred on the Gaza border about 4 hours ago. An IDF patrol jeep came under heavy fire from Hamas terrorists in Gaza. No soldiers were wounded, and the IDF responded with artillery fire on suspected terrorist positions. It should be remembered that past large-scale conflicts with Hamas have been sparked not so much by missile fire but by cross-border terrorist attacks. In the last hour, Likud party official Danny Danon has called for striking Hamas headquarters in Gaza because of the attack.

*Speaking of Gaza, a remarkable conference was held in Sderot for the last few days that focused on the security of the South. At that conference, IDF Chief of Staff of Benny Gantz made statements which bordered on the surreal:

“We saw last summer the great effort in a general attack on the State of Israel, but specifically on the Gaza border communities and Sderot. Hamas¬†recognizes it as a weak point, but I look at it as our strength. [We need to] strengthen these communities for the crises which I believe are still ahead.”

Gantz should have been run out of town on a rail. This is the same Gantz who attempted to eliminate border community security personnel before the war, argued against destroying the tunnels before the war was over, urged citizens to come back just before Hamas launched more withering attacks (resulting in the deaths of three civilians), and quickly denuded the Gaza border communities of IDF protection following the war.

*The last 24 hours have seen Arabs assaulting Israeli motorists in the Ramot neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, at the Palestinian settlement of Ras Karkar, near Al Khadr in Gush Etzion, and on the Chicago road in Hebron. An IED connected to gas cylinders was defused near the Jewish community of Shavei Shomron. More than 12 gasoline bombs were thrown at Israeli security forces in the vicinity of Eyal.


The rush of international organizations and the Israeli “left” to protect the “rights” of terrorists and their families has been astonishing in the last 24 hours–even by Israeli standards.¬†

As you undoubtedly know dear reader, Israel has announced three policies this week to deal with the scourge of terrorism sweeping Israel.

First, the Interior Minister has declared that the families of terrorists will lose their Israeli residency and be deported. Second, PM Netanyahu has ordered that the homes of terrorists be demolished. Third, the bodies of killed terrorists are not being returned to their families.

Yesterday, Israelis were treated to the spectacle on Israeli TV of a tearful Nadia Abu Jamal, the widow of Ghassan Abu Jamal (one of the two terrorists who butchered the rabbis in the synagogue) saying that her son deserves to grow up in “his land.”

"Poor Nadia" and her "poor son".

“Poor Nadia” and her “poor son”–portrayed as victims by Israeli and international media and “human rights” organizations.

It turns out that “poor Nadia” is actually from Samaria, but had been permitted to move to Israel to marry east Jerusalemite terrorist Ghassan under the auspices of Israel’s infamous “family unification law” which has seen hundreds of thousands of Palestinians relocated to Israel. The government plans to deport her back to her home in Samaria.

The clear message from the leftist Israeli media was that Nadia’s deportation and loss of residency is somehow unjust. In the same program, the media opined that the residency of Mahmoud Nadi was being revoked. Nadi was convicted of murder in the horrific attack on the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv that killed 21 teenagers in June 2001.

Part of the gruesome scene at the Dolphinarium in 2001.

Part of the gruesome scene at the Dolphinarium in 2001.

Unbelievably, Nadi not only retained his residency, but has been receiving Israeli healthcare and National Insurance benefits.

Can you believe this sorry state of affairs?

Moving on to the subject of home demolitions, 8 self-professed “human rights” organizations including Physicians for Human Rights, Yesh Din, Hamoked (funded by the New Israel Fund and Ford Foundation), and B’Tselem filed suit at the Israel Supreme Court yesterday to block the destruction of the terrorists’ homes because such action (they said) is “contrary to international law.”

It did not take the Court long to act, and as of this afternoon, it has a issued a temporary injunction against the demolitions.

What about the victims of the terrorism? Where are the international and Israeli “human rights organizations”? Why aren’t they railing about violations of human rights and international law? Twenty four fatherless children and four widows as a result of Arab barbarism and the “human rights” organizations say nothing.

Truly appalling.






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