The “Two State” Solution: What is Gaza? What Are Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria?

UPDATES 8 pm Israel time, Sunday, November 30 2014:

—>Security updates:

*Two Arab terrorists who attempted to stab an Israeli in Jerusalem this morning have been captured.

*A shuttle bus carrying Israeli children to school was attacked with “rocks” on the Mt. Olives in what has become an alarming daily occurrence. No children were wounded.

*In what has also become an alarming daily occurrence, another Hamas infiltrator was shot at the Gaza border fence today.

*3 Palestinian terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at a home in the northern section of Beth El about a hour ago.

*Hamas has announced this afternoon that it will not renew the unity agreement with Fatah that expires on Tuesday. Whether this is merely a negotiating position is impossible to say at this time.

—>If you recall, dear reader, Turkey announced in late September that it would be sending a floating electrical power plant to be moored off the coast of Gaza. Apparently, that announcement was premature.

Palestinian Economy Minister Mohammed Mustafa indicated this morning that Israel has formally rejected the Turkish proposal. However, he further stated that Israel “will extend power lines” into Gaza to increase the amount of available electricity.

Where does Gaza electricity come from? Egypt supplies 28 megawatts (MW) per day; Gaza’s power plant produces 40-60 MW per day; and Israel supplies 120 MW per day.

—>The U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement yesterday to the effect that Israel is buying 3000 bombs with J-Dam technology–otherwise known as smart bombs.

The deal is costing Israel $82 million dollars will be paid in increments through November of 2016.

In your humble servant’s opinions, Israel should get the bombs as soon as possible, and especially not wait until President Obama changes his mind and cuts off supplies to Israel–as he did with artillery shells and other munitions during the recent war with Hamas. 

—>The Netanyahu Coalition continues to spiral out of control with the Prime Minister stating at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting today that the current situation with Lapid and Livni lashing out at every opportunity cannot continue.

In a related development, the orthodox parties have apparently entered in an agreeement with Netanyahu not to form an alternative government with Lapid and Livni; however, they have not agreed to support Netanyahu in the event he is asked to form another government after any upcoming election.


Your humble servant is often forced to smile whenever he hears that the only way to peace in Israel is a “two-state solution”.

What in the world do we have now?

The Palestinians already have a state. In fact, they already have more than one.

What do you call Gaza? It has been a completely self-governing Palestinian country since the last Palestinian pulled out in September of 2005. 

September of 2005. That was almost a decade ago.

Did you know that the Palestinian state of Gaza is larger than ten other countries in the world? With 360 km2, Gaza is larger than Grenada (344), Malta (316), St. Kitts and Nevis (261), Liechtenstein (160), San Marino (61), Tuvalu (26), Nauru (21), Monaco (2), and the Vatican (o.44 km2). 

And what about Area A of Judea and Samaria?

What is this if not another Palestinian state? It has been under complete Palestinian adminstrative and security control since the Oslo. In area, it alone is larger than the ten countries listed above and seven more including Bahrain and Singapore.

And what about Area B of Judea and Samaria that has been under complete Palestinian adminstration since Oslo? 

The point here is that the Palestinians already have a country; in fact they have at least two “de facto” countries. The next time you hear someone talking about a “two-state” solution, remind them of this fact. 

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