Where We Stand 98 Days Until The Election

98 Days Until Election Day

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, December 8 2014:

—>Security updates:

*An IDF soldier has been “moderately” wounded in the head by a “rock” thrown by an Arab in Nazareth.

*Two Palestinian terrorists were captured at the Tapuach Junction with butcher knives.

*There is currently a full-scale manhunt underway in Hebron for two Palestinian terrorists suspected of planning a suicide attack in Israel.

*Two Hezbollah terrorists, including a senior Hezbollah commander, have been reported killed in Israel’s strike near Damascus yesterday.


Beginning today, as you can see from the top of this israelstreet page today, we will begin a countdown to the election. During the next 98 days, many israelstreet blogs will deal with what’s going on in the campaign. Today, we will merely give an overview of current parties, the latest poll, and how the electorate is trending.

Name of Party (leader)    Current Knesset Members    Most Recent Poll        Trending

Yesh Atid (Lapid)                                        19                                             9                            -10

Likud (Netanyahu)                                     18                                            21                            +3

Labor (Herzog)                                            15                                        see below              see below

Yisrael Beiteinu (Lieberman)                   13                                              9                            -4

Jewish Home (Bennett)                             12                                            18                           +6

Shas (Orthodox Sephardic)                       11                                              7                            -4

United Torah (Orthodox Ashkenazi)        7                                              8                           +1

Hatenua (Livni)                                            6                                        see below             see below 

Meretz                                                             6                                              6                     no change

Hadash                                                            4                                              5                           +1

United Taal                                                    4                                              5                            +1

Balad                                                               3                                              0                            -3

Kadima                                                           2                                              0                            -2

Kahlon Party (Moshe Kahlon)                   0                                              9                            +9

*See below: Labor and Hatenua have apparently formed a joint party. Polling this morning indicates that they would win 23 seats, a net gain of 2 seats over their current number.

Agreements formed thus far for “surplus votes”:

Likud and Jewish Home

Yisrael Beiteinu and Kahlon

Labor and Meretz

According to the poll,  if the election were held today, the parties on the “right” (Likud, Jewish Home) would win 39 seats, the parties in the center-right (Yisrael Beiteinu, Kahlon) would win 18 seats, the parties on the left (Labor, Yesh Atid*, Hatenua, Meretz, Hadash, United Tal) would win 48 seats. *It should be pointed out that Yesh Atid claims it is a center party.

Assuming the center right goes with the right, which is by no means certain, this would leave the religious parties (Shas, United Torah Judaism) with their 15 seats as being the kingmakers.




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