Why Does Israel Try So Hard To Keep Mahmoud Abbas Alive?

91 Days Until The Election

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, December 15 2014:

—>Despite the fact that PM Netanyahu has flown to Rome to try to persuade John Kerry and his boss Barack Obama to cast a veto against the Palestine resolution in the UN Security Council, there is growing belief that the Americans will not cast that veto.

The scene in Rome today--does body language tell you something?

The scene in Rome today–does body language tell you something?

As was reported on israelstreet yesterday, Obama and Kerry are doing everything possible to support the Palestinian effort.

—>Security updates:

*Israel’s Shin Bet security service revealed today that it foiled a major suicide attack in Tel Aviv last month.

Weapons that were to have been used.

Weapons that were to have been used.

A Palestinian woman from Jenin had planned to pretend that she was a pregnant Jewish woman, enter a crowded place in Tel Aviv, and detonate herself. The attack was planned by terrorists in Tulkarm and Jenin with the assistance of another terrorist in Gaza. A total of five terrorists were arrested.

*Shin Bet also announced today that it has just arrested eight Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem for fomenting terrorism against Israel. The terrorists have been using social media to incite Arab residents of the capital to attack security forces.

*Unabated “rock” attacks continue throughout Judea and Samaria targeting Israeli motorists. In the worst case today, Palestinian terrorists attacked an Israeli in his car near Hawara shattering the car windows and causing the driver to crash off the road. He reportedly is suffering from “moderate” wounds.

*IDF forces captured two more infiltrators from Gaza who breached the Gaza border fence.

—>Election updates:

*In a significant development, Eli Yishai has resigned from Shas, apparently in an effort to form a new “religious Zionist” party on the right. Surveys show that if Yishai were to join forces with Uri Ariel (who is currently allied with Beit Yehudi), the new party might win as many as 8-10 seats in the Knesset.

*An internal Likud court has ruled (2 judges to 1) that the moving up of the Likud primary was illegal as is PM Netanyahu’s attempt to reserve places on his list. Netanyahu has immediately appealed the decision.

*Is it any wonder that the lefties Herzog, Livni and company are trying to recast themselves as centrists?

A TRI poll out today found that:

45.7% of Israelis define themselves as being on the “right”

35.9% define themselves as being in the “center”

8.4% define themselves as being on the “left”

(10% did not want to label themselves)

*Yet another poll today shows that the brief surge in support for Herzog-Livni after their announced merger has already begun to slightly evaporate. The Knesset Channel poll has Likud still polling at 22 seats, but Labor-Hatenua dropping from 25 to 22.


Your humble servant had to smile yesterday when the PLO Executive Council decided that it would continue security cooperation with Israeli security forces in Judea and Samaria in the wake of the heart attack death of Ziad Abu Ein.

What a surprise.

The only thing keeping Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO afloat in Judea and Samaria are PLO security forces working in concert with Israeli security forces to suppress Hamas operatives throughout the territory.

Without this cooperation, Mahmoud Abbas and much of the PLO Executive Council would be dead.

In fact, just this morning, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade announced that it had foiled an attempt to assassinate Mahmoud Abbas–and it immediately blamed Hamas operatives on the ground in Judea and Samaria.

Sure. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade foiled an assassination attempt. The truth is that Israel’s Shin Bet foiled the attempt as it has foiled so many others.

The real question is:  “Why does Israel go to such extraordinary attempts to keep Abbas alive?” After all, Abbas is a terrorist himself who is absurdly about to try to haul Israel into the International Criminal Court to accuse us of war crimes.

The answer to the above question is, of course, a simple one. Israel looks at Abbas as better than the alternative–and it is better to work with the PLO to suppress Hamas than to not work with anyone and watch Hamas take over the Palestinian state that exists in Areas A and B.

And so the surreal cycle continues of our supporting terrorists to help us fight terrorists. 



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