The Jerusalem Police Broadens Its Assault on Jewish Freedom of Expression

Happy 3rd night of Chanukah (Image courtesy of

Happy 3rd night of Chanukah (Image courtesy of

88 Days Until The Election

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Thursday, December 18 2014:

—>The cat is apparently out of the bag concerning the so-called “negotiations” over the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Russian president Vladimir Putin revealed today in a press conference in Moscow that the P5+1 is extremely close to reaching an agreement with Tehran. More than this, Putin said that the second that the agreement is reached, Russian ties to Iran will be strengthened and broadened.

—>In an amusing juxtaposition, posters calling for the “removal” of PLO Chairman and unelected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appeared all over Gaza today following the presentation of the “Palestine Resolution” at the U.N. yesterday.

That resolution calls for Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice Lines by the end of 2017 following an agreement by the end of this year. However, in a sop to pro-Palestinian John Kerry, the Palestinians also call for continuing the Israeli concession process (aka the “peace negotiations”). And in another sop to the U.S., the Palestinians have agreed not to bring the resolution to a vote in the near future.

—>According to Nefesh B’Nefesh, there was a 7% increase in aliyah to Israel this year from North America with 3,762 new citizens from Canada and the United States arriving in the country. More specifically, 296 families with 813 children under the age of 18 came to Israel along with 1703 singles.

—>Security Updates:

*At 6:09 pm this evening, there was an incoming missile alarm in Beersheva that sent everyone running to their bomb shelter. Once again, the IDF claims it was a “false alarm.”

*One hour in Israel this morning:

at 10:14 am Palestinian terrorists threw stones at an ambulance in Gush Etzion; at 10:21 am Palestinians assaulted an area near Benjamin; at 10:23 am Palestinian terrorists threw “rocks” at Israeli motorists near Beit Khahil; at 11:04 am Palestinian terrorists threw “rocks” at Israeli motorists near Mt. Hebron; at 11:10 am Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists in Samaria; at 11:11 am Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists at Peaks.

Fortunately, there were no physical wounds resulting from all of these attacks, but can you imagine the level of emotional trauma?

—>Election Update:

*The impending division of the Jewish Home party has been delayed following an evenly divided vote by the six Knesset legislators of the National Union party component of Jewish Home. At the conclusion of their meeting tonight, these six legislators agreed to submit the matter to a Board of Rabbis.


As we enter the third night of Chanukah, the Jerusalem Police continue their rampage against Jewish freedom of expression.

To begin with, the Police tried to salvage their bogus war against LEHAVA (the Israeli organization devoted to stopping Jewish assimilation). Despite the fact that a Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered five of the LEHAVA 10 released on bail today, the police succeeded in having the Court delay release of the 5 for 24 hours.

For what? The Police have apparently been carrying out their fraudulent investigation for months. Are we to believe that something new will arise in the next 24 hours that will cause the Court to reverse course?  As Uriel Nizri, attorney for some of the LEHAVA “suspects” commented this afternoon:

“The conduct of law enforcement agencies in this case raises serious questions, and [we] should not let it pass as if it were a common occurrence. Anyone interested in changing the status of freedom of expression in Israel should do so via legislation rather than through arrests.”

Shortly after the actions concerning the above 5, another LEHAVA activist was released–only to have his release delayed to give the Police time to appeal. At the same time, the Court extended the arrest of LEHAVA chairman Benzi Gopstein and two other activists until tomorrow.

But LEHAVA is not the only target of the Jerusalem Police.

Yesterday the Jerusalem Police raided the offices the Jewish Power (Otzma Yehudit) political party headed by Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. 

Dr. Michael Ben Ari--another target of the Jerusalem Police (Photo: Abir Sultan/Flash 90).

Dr. Michael Ben Ari–another target of the Jerusalem Police (Photo: Abir Sultan/Flash 90).

As Ari pointed out following the raid: “On false pretenses, and to make up for the severe criticism being levied at them, [the Police] decided that the best move was to come into our offices and interfere with the organization of an election event for our party.”

It is simply amazing that in this Chanukah season in which we celebrate freedom of expression and the fight against Jewish assimilation, the Jerusalem Police continue their assault on Jewish freedom of expression and those who fight against Jewish assimilation. 

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