“6000 Palestinians Strike Over ‘Daily Humiliation’ At Crossing”

Happy 7th night of Chanukah! (image courtesy: rotter.net).

Happy 7th night of Chanukah! (image courtesy: rotter.net).

84 Days Until The Election

UPDATES 7 pm Israel, Monday, December 22 2014:

Security updates:

*Two Palestinians have been captured after attempting to stab an IDF soldier of the Kfir Brigade at the Oz Crossing near Tulkarem. Rarely does a day go by without Palestinian terrorists attempting to stab Israeli civilians and soldiers.

*Following the visit of some 1500 Jews to Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem, Palestinians rioted, attacking security forces with “rocks” and other projectiles. It should be pointed out that Jews only come to Joseph’s Tomb once or twice a year–and then only in the middle of the night in order to not offend Muslim “sensibilities”.

*Hamas has test-fired three more missiles into the Mediterranean Sea. If the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza are not firing at southern Israel, they are firing out into the sea.

*IDF forces captured 8 wanted Palestinians in Judea and Samaria last night. Does anyone appreciate the incredibly dangerous situations our forces are put in day in and day out as they hunt down terrorists?

Other updates:

*According to U.N. Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Council has issued 23 condemnations so far this year. There was one condemnation of Syria, one of Iran, and one of North Korea–and 20 condemnations of Israel.

*226 new immigrants from the Ukraine landed in Israel a few minutes ago. Most of these new Israelis came from the eastern part of the Ukraine.


The "poor Palestinians" being herded like cattle through the Ephraim Crossing into Israel. Who is responsible for this situation? (photo: Ynet News).

The “poor Palestinians” being “herded like cattle” through the Ephraim Crossing into Israel. Who is responsible for this situation? (photo: Ynet News).

Your humble servant often decries how “leftist” the Israeli media has become, and how the media has become an arm of international leftists who seek to demean and delegitimize Israel.

Now that the election season has begun in earnest, every day sees headline after headline meant to support Herzog and Livni in their efforts to unseat PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Today, Yedioth Aharonot has run an especially large number of articles that accuse Netanyahu of everything from plunging Israel into poverty to  impoverishing Palestinians by pursuing policies that reduce tourism.

One particularly egregious story is headlined:

“6000 Palestinians Strike Over ‘Daily Humiliation’ At Crossing”

The first paragraph of the article reads:

“In a rare move, 6,000 Palestinian workers, who commute from the West Bank to Israel for work every day, decided to hold a strike on Sunday to protest the “daily humiliation” that they endure at the Ephraim Gate Crossing located west of the Palestinian city of Tulkarem in the West Bank.”

And the second paragraph:

“Construction of a new pedestrian terminal on the Palestinian side of the crossing has worsened the conditions for Palestinians, who must temporarily use a narrow passage in which thousands push and shove each other.”

Obviously, the headline of this article and its opening paragraphs are meant to feed into the general international hysteria about checkpoints in Israel and how they are supposedly used to discriminate against the “poor Palestinians”. 

But as we read down into the fine print, we discover that the 6000 Palestinians are not angry with Israel, they are angry at the so-called Palestinian Authority (aka the PLO). 

It turns out that the new pedestrian tunnel was not an Israeli idea but a Palestinian one as we find in this sentence buried beneath a youtube of the Ephraim Gate Crossing:

“The construction of the new pedestrian passage which has harmed the flow of traffic at the crossing was initiated by the Palestinian Civil Administration.”

And then a few lines later we find a Palestinian complaining about Palestinians:

“‘There are 16 stands for biometric testing. In many cases, there are only four or five stands in operation and all the rest are closed,’ said Sabi [a Palestinian worker], who admitted that inefficiency at the crossing can also be attested to the Palestinian side of the crossing not being well-organized. Sabi said that the Palestinian Authority does not send in individuals to monitor the entry to the crossing in order to prevent congestion and disorganization.”

But how many people actually read past the headline and the first few paragraphs? Not many.

So that by the time the truth is finally revealed there are few left to read it.

The Israeli media: demeaning and delegitimizing Israel one article at a time.

*All quotations in this blog today are taken from YNet News (Yediot Aharonot).


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