“The Awakening Of The Left From The Dreams Of Land For Peace”

8 pm Israel time, Friday, December 28 2014

78 Days Until The Election


*Regular readers of israelstreet will recall your humble servant’s anger yesterday at the fact that Israeli taxpayer money was going to be used to bring 37 Gaza children orphaned in the recent war into Israel on a “victory” tour of Judea and Samaria as well as the Gaza border communities; they were to be honored by Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem as “heroes”.  I speculated that these were probably the children of Hamas terrorists.

It turns out that supposition was correct.

And it also has evolved today that another entity shares your humble servant’s outrage: Hamas.  This morning the terrorist organization banned the trip–apparently on the grounds that they did not want the children of Hamas “martyrs” being honored by the PLO’s Abbas.

*Hamas organized a major march on the border fence near the Erez Crossing earlier today which degenerated into violence with “rock” throwing at Israeli security personnel. It was only IDF firing into the air that dispersed the mob. Following the incident, Israel canceled Gazan family visits to prisoners in Israeli prisons for tomorrow.

If you can believe this, Israel allows families from Gaza to cross into Israel every Monday to visit their beloved terrorist family members in Israeli prisons.

*Ayala Shapiro, who was badly burned in the Molotov cocktail attack three days ago, continues to improve–though she faces months of surgeries and skin grafts.

Where is the world’s outrage over this Palestinian attempt to burn an Israeli child and her family alive?

Nowhere to be seen.

*A Palestinian terrorist who infiltrated the Jewish community of Elazar in Gush Etzion was captured by security forces early this morning. 

*Whom do you think tweeted their picture from the Syrian-Israel border yesterday? If you guessed two Iranian Revolutionary Guards, you would be correct. Think about the implications of Iran now being on Israel’s border.

Now that Iran is back to supporting Hamas in the south, what do we have to look forward along the Syrian border?

Now that Iran is back to supporting Hamas in the south, what do we have to look forward along the Syrian border?


As written yesterday, israelstreet will be not reporting on polls again for the next few weeks until the list of candidates running for each party becomes known and finalized. However, in the meantime, various information will be posted.

The most interesting news in the last 24 hours has been made by the Bait Yehudi (Jewish Home) party that scored two significant additions to their list of candidates.

Anat Roth, a well-known peace activist with Peace Now, shockingly announced that she has joined Bait Yehudi.

The head of the Party, Naftali Bennett issued this statement:

Dr. Anat Roth, who came to us from Peace Now, represents the awakening of the left from the dreams of land for peace – and to a powerful Jewish identity and values of religious Zionism. Her joining us, along with many other talented women, makes the Jewish Home the party with the most female candidates.  I wish her luck along with the rest of the candidates.

In addition, Yinon Magal, former news anchor on Channel 1 and current head of the “walla” news site also announced that he has joined Jewish Home. Like Bennett, Magal served in the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit in the IDF. Magal was roundly criticized during the war this summer by leftists for putting “patriotism before journalism” as he reported on the war.

In other election information:

Primary and General Election Timetable:

December 31: Likud primary, including leadership

January 13: Labor-Hatnua primary, no leadership election

January 14: Jewish Home primary, including leadership

January 17: General ban on election advertising “propaganda” goes into effect

January 29: All lists of candidates from all parties must be submitted to Election Commission

March 17: Election

*The Knesset Central Election Committee rejected an application by university student leaders to have voting places on campuses on March 17th.  Because of the decision, it is estimated that the approximately 300,000 students in universities in Israel will be less likely to vote. Whether this is more likely to hurt the left or the right is difficult to say; Israel has a greater percentage of young voters on the “right” than do other countries.


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