Election Season is Open Season on IDF Soldiers

7 pm Israel time, Monday, January 5 2015

69 Days Until The Election


***Israel is battening down the hatches in advance of a predicted major snowstorm tomorrow at higher elevations and rains and floods in lower ones. One of those higher elevations is Jerusalem, and police have announced that Highway 1 and Route 443 into the capital will be closed as the storm hits tomorrow afternoon and evening.

***Call them what you want: miscounts, discrepancies, or outright fraud–the vote totals that emerged from Likud polling stations throughout the country in the Likud primary continue being “reassessed”.  It appears that candidates on the Likud “right” were particularly targeted by corrupt party officials in charge of counting the votes–and Netanyahu cronies had votes added to their totals.

For example, in the Druze city of Beit Jann, only 200 Likud party members voted, but Netanyahu confidant Tzachi Hanegbi somehow received 250 votes.  In the “recounts” that have already taken place at various polling stations, Tzipi Hotovely–a Knesset member and constant thorn in Netanyahu’s side– has gained almost 800 votes, a number that puts her within 55 votes of gaining a “realistic” place on the Likud list.

***The war against Jewish community members in Judea and Samaria continues apace with the police raiding the offices of the settlement division of the Jewish National Fund today. This follows a similar raid on the offices of the World Zionist Organization earlier this week. This follows still other raids on the offices of officials in the Yisrael Beiteinu party and others.

The political purpose of these raids is to besmirch Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, the two leading Israeli politicians with the closest ties to the settlement movement.

Amazingly, all of these raids have been made with complete impunity by the police who have not filed charges against anyone. All of those detained have been released, but this is not stopping the police from going on one fishing expedition after another.

The police are throwing any mud they can on the Israeli “right”.

***In the same vein as the above raids, Israel’s so-called “Defense” Minister Moshe Ya’alon announced today that despite the fact that the investigation into the LAHAVA group concerning the graffiti at the Israeli-Arab coexistence has yielded no arrests, he is pushing to classify LAHAVA as a “terrorist” organization.

A terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to stop Jewish assimilation.

Israelis are being attacked by Palestinian terrorists at all hours of everyday, and Ya’alon is going after LAHAVA. Unbelievable.


One of the appalling outcomes of the summer war with Hamas has been the eagerness with which the IDF’s top legal officer has rushed to open cases against soldiers who bravely fought against Hamas terrorists in the tunnels and buildings of Gaza. 

A month ago, Military Advocate General Danny Efroni launched investigations into a number of incidents in the war in which Palestinian “civilians” were allegedly killed by Israeli troops. Given the fact that we have evidence that Hamas killed hundreds of Palestinians civilians by using them as human shields, shooting them, and hitting them with errant missiles, your humble servant wonders what in the world Efroni is trying to accomplish–and how the fog of war can ever be cleared away.

This week, Efroni has gone even further off the deep end announcing that he is thinking about opening a case against IDF soldiers and officers who killed Hamas terrorists while trying to stop the Hamas tunnel attack that resulted in the killings of Sgt. Liel Gidoni, Major Benaya Sarel, and Lt. Hadar Goldin–and killed more terrorists in the aftermath of the attack as they searched for Goldin. As you may remember, Goldin’s body was dragged down a tunnel and parts of it were subsequently “kidnapped” by Hamas.  Again, what in the world is Efroni thinking about?

It is not surprising that a letter from more than 250 reserve officers and combat officers was published several days ago that called on the IDF to put “an end to this madness and a stop to the wave of criminal investigations by military police against commanders and fighters who served in Protective Edge.”

One of the few Israeli officials who has spoken out in favor of the soldiers is Naftali Bennett, himself a former company commander of an elite Maglan unit in southern Lebanon.

As soon as Bennett, the head of the Jewish Home party, voiced that support several days ago, he was immediately blamed by leftists and journalists for the deaths of 102 Lebanese “civilians” who were killed at a UN compound in Kana in 1996 by an Israeli artillery shell attempting to protect Bennett’s soldiers who were under attack. Those Israeli soldiers, according to Amnesty International (!), were under an intense mortar barrage from Hezbollah militants who were firing from beside the compound. 

Nevermind, Efroni and the IDF Advocate General’s office will undoubtedly being going after Bennett in the near future. After all, election season is open season on IDF ground officers and soldiers. 







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