Charlie Hebdo Will One Day Come For You

7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, January 7 2015

67 Days Until The Election


Highway 1, the main road into Jerusalem, has been closed (picture: Walla).

Highway 1, the main road into Jerusalem, has been closed (picture: Walla).

***Heavy snow is currently falling in Jerusalem after having first struck the Golan Heights, Tzfat (Safed), and other points in the mountains of Samaria and Judea. Highway 1 and Route 443 into the capital are closed as are many streets within Jerusalem. Bus schedules have been strictly reduced, and there are reports of electrical outages throughout the country.

On a street in Jerusalem (picture: Arutz Sheva).

On a street in Jerusalem (picture: Arutz Sheva).

Large accumulations of snow have been reported in the Golan. The snow in Jerusalem is expected to continue for the next few hours and then start to taper off. By the way, in your humble servant’s home town of Ashdod, there is a driving hail storm at this moment.

***In the last 24 hours, the Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin directed by Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner has filed numerous war crimes charges the Palestinian leadership at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. And surprisingly, the world is reporting these filings:

There has been some favorable news coverage for a change (picture source unknown).

There has been some favorable news coverage for a change (graphic creator unknown).

Because most of the Palestinian (PLO) leaders are Jordanian citizens, they can be called to the bar to answer for their crimes.


The slaughter in Paris this morning at the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are yet another harbinger of things to come.

As you undoubedly know by now, Islamists entered the offices, shouted “Allahu Akbar”, opened fire, and proceeded to massacre 12 journalists and workers including the magazine’s editor and chief cartoonist. They were slaughtered because the magazine had “dared to offend Islam” by publishing cartoons featuring Mohammed.

As they left the building, the Muslim terrorists shouted “We have avenged the honor of the Prophet!”. For the moment, they remain at large.

Of course this kind of Muslim violence is nothing new. The Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh was gunned down on a Dutch street. A fatwa against the British author Salman Rushdie is still in force. A Danish magazine has gone underground in response to threats as has a cartoonist living in Seattle, Washington. There are hundreds of other examples.

The long-established pattern in the West is clear:

1. Muslims immigrate to countries marked by tolerance and respect for liberal values because they usually offer extensive welfare support.

2. As their numbers increase, they establish Islamic Centers and mosques.

3. They form infiltration organizations such as CAIR (in the United States) to “reach out” to “progressive” Christians and Jews to make it appear that they are no different than them–even as they internally preach lack of tolerance and abhorrence of liberal values.

4. Using these “progressives”, the Muslims ingratiate themselves into communities through such faux-communal events as the “Celebration of Abraham”*, by which they create an armor of political correctness around them. They begin to sponsor proselytizing events such as “Wear A Burqa Day” and community dinners on Islamic holidays. In time, it becomes politically incorrect to criticize them in any way.  They prey on the politically correct who in an attempt to “embrace diversity” surrender their own culture and values.

5. Eventually, as we have seen repeatedly in Europe, they begin to openly castigate the countries that have taken them in. All public pretense of tolerance and liberal values disappear as their minority population becomes the majority population. The Sharia law that they have continued to practice in their communities becomes used in other non-Muslim courts.

6. In the end, all criticism of Islam is quashed, and no critique of it is allowed. Any author, cartoonist, musician who dares question Islam is marked for death.

Look around your own community. Do you see anything taking place like described above? If you do, Charlie Hebdo will one day come for you. 


“The Celebration of Abraham” is a particularly malevolent concoction created by Muslims in the United States. Usually consisting of “progressive” Christian churches, a token “reform” Jewish synagogue, and Muslim political organizations, it preaches “political correctness” by claiming that the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is the same. In a very unreligious and non-community way, the “Celebration” excludes people of other faiths such as Hindus, Buddhists, and so on.

One last point about “The Celebration of Abraham”. It is always predominantly composed of groups who have as a common thread the denunciation of Israel and the supporting of boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against “Jews.”


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