Jews Taken Hostage In France: Continuing Updates

9:00 pm Israel time Update:

Four Jews have been killed and four more critically wounded according to the latest resports. 

7:45 pm Israel time Update:

Due to the conflicting news reports, no more updates will take place until 9:00 pm Israel time.

7:15 pm Israel time Update:

*There is still no confirmation concerning the identities of the dead. The latest reports are that 4 Jews were killed, and they may have been killed when the terrorists first entered the grocery store.

*The female terrorist may have escaped with some of the hostages. Police are scouring the neighborhood surrounding the grocery store.

7:00 pm Israel time Update:


The situation surrounding the hostages has returned to being unclear. Some hostages have been seen escaping from grocery store. Whether all of the hostages survived is not known. Reuters is reporting that 4 are dead, but how many terrorists, policemen, and hostages is unknown.

6:45 pm Israel time Update:


It appears that only one terrorist in the Jewish grocery store incident has been killed. The disposition of the female terrorist remains unknown.

Contrary to initial reports, there are fresh reports that all of the Jewish hostages in the grocery story have been safely freed.

6:25 pm Israel time Update:

Israeli TV reports that the terrorists in the grocery store have been killed, and some hostages have died. In addition, several hostages appear to have escaped.

6:20 pm Israel Update:

Police report that the two brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been killed.

6:15 pm Israel Update:

Six explosions have been heard at the grocery store.

6: 10 pm Israel Update:

In the last 30 minutes, there has been a police assault on the two Charlie Hebdo Muslim terrorists. The outcome is not known.

More details about the Jewish hostages:

*There are two men, two women, and a child.

*They are being held in the basement of the building.

*The previously described “supermarket” is more like a small grocery store with a bakery.

Given the events with the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, we can expect French action at the grocery store in the coming hour.  Let us pray for the hostages.

5:30 pm Israel time, Friday, January 9 2015

65 Days Until The Election


Today, israelstreet is devoted to the continuing events in France where Jews, as usual, have become a focal point of Muslim terrorists.

To begin with, the two Islamist brothers who slaughtered the Charlie Hebdo workers are surrounded at a printing factory near Charles De Gaulle Airport and are holding one person hostage.

But at the same time, another two members of the same terrorist cell are holding at least five Jewish hostages at a kosher supermarket several miles away. It is believed that Jewish men, women, and children are being held.

The “supermarket” terrorists are demanding that the Charlie Hebdo terrorists be allowed to escape.

According to one report, the two “supermarket” terrorists had intended to attack a Jewish kindergarten next to the supermarket but were deterred when a traffic accident forced them to change targets. The supermarket was packed because of last-minute shopping for Shabbat.

According to another report, there are at least 2 dead in the supermarket and more gravely wounded.

There will be hourly updates until the situations at both locations are resolved.


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